11 Fun Summer Camp Activities for Kids

What could be more fun than going to summer camp? Summer camp is where you get to relive some of your best childhood memories! Whether you want to create a new program for your summer camp, or you want to entertain your kids at home, the following are 11 fun summer camp activities for kids:

Activity 1 – Make some fun crafts

Making crafts is a summer camp activity that most kids enjoy, and many of them are excited about making something beautiful they will be able to give to their parents when they get back home.

Think about making friendship bracelets, colourful necklaces, woven potholders, tie dye shirts, cute pet rocks, colourful sand art, paper mache, finger puppets, sun catchers, dream catchers, or origami.

Activity 2 – Make some art with natural elements

If you have a lot of creative campers, you could also encourage them to make some art with natural elements. Take them outside, divide your group into teams, and ask them to create some art with sticks, stones, leaves, and sand. This is a really popular summer camp activity with most kids!

When everyone is done, walk around and take a look at the natural artwork each team has created. You could take pictures of them, and leave them there for other people to find.

Activity 3 – Observe bugs or animals

During summer camp, kids expect to spend time in nature. Why not take them outside to observe flowers, plants, bugs, birds or small animals?

Take your campers in a forest or in a park, armed with pencils and notebooks, and ask them to make observations about the interesting things they see. Maybe you could bring a few jars, with holes in the lids, to capture and observe some bugs.

Activity 4 – Organize a scavenger hunt

Most kids love scavenger hunts! Whether you want to keep them busy inside during a rainy day, or you want them to search for treasures all over the camp grounds, a scavenger hunt is an exciting activity for young and old campers.

Hide some small treasures for kids to find, or give them a list of items they have to search for, and give a price to the one who completes the challenge first.

Activity 5 – Have a tabletop game tournament

Ping-pong, table hockey, foosball, magnetic darts, and other similar games can keep campers busy during rainy days. Why not organize a tournament involving a few tabletop games?

Of course, many kids also enjoy playing classic board games, and these can make fun activities to play in the evening, or during days where the sun is hiding.

Activity 6 – Play bingo

Bingo is a simple game, but it becomes exciting if there are prizes to win. You don’t need to offer big prizes to make your campers happy, as small or cheap prizes that come from a dollar store will do.

Bingo is easy to play, and you can introduce some fun variations to keep things interesting.

Activity 7 – Create fun snacks

Kids love snacks, and a lot of them enjoy playing with their food. Why not create some fun snacks with your group?

All it takes is some fruits, cheese or crackers, some food colouring, a few tooth picks, and a lot of imagination to create animals, silly creatures, aliens, or flowers. Of course, eating them is also part of the fun!

Activity 8 – Play some group games

It’s time to take everyone outside and to move! Group games are not too complicated, so even the youngest campers can play and spend some energy on these summer camp activities.

Games such as sack races, kickball, capture the flag, or tug-o-war don’t require a lot of equipment, and they allow kids to jump, to run around and to have fun. You can also implement some lessons as part of the game, such as an activity that build communication skills.

Activity 9 – Learn how to play a sport

You could also teach your group of campers how to play a sport such as soccer, field hockey, badminton, or football.

Older campers could be interested in archery lessons, juggling, horseback riding, rock climbing, kayaking, or martial arts, if you have the expertise and the equipment necessary to offer these activities.

Activity 10 – Create a new game

A lot of kids love to create their own games. Divide your group into a few teams, and give them balls, ropes, buckets, flags, chairs, and other equipment or accessories.

Ask each team to invent a new game, with their own rules, and then to present their game to the rest of the group. Everyone will probably have a lot of fun creating games, and trying them out!

Activity 11 – Have a thematic day each week

Thematic days are a simple way to change the routine and to allow campers to use their active imaginations. Having one thematic day each week is a good idea. Prepare some fun accessories for your group, and plan activities that relate to the theme chosen.

Examples of themes could include pirates, cowboys, princesses, space, olympic games, music, circus, celebrities, or animals.

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