14 Coolest Types of Motorcycles

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned motorcycle rider, knowledge of different bikes and their uses is valuable. People ride bikes for leisure, transportation and sport and there are bikes designed for each purpose. Below is a list of the coolest motorcycle types and their distinctive features.

1. Dual Sport Bikes (also known as Dual Purpose or Adventure Sport)

Dual sport bikes are meant to go anywhere and do anything. This type of motorcycle is designed for any type for terrain, may it be gravel, concrete or dirt. These bikes are good for a range of skill levels because they are able to go on and off road.

2. Choppers

Choppers are best for commuting and weekend riding because of its lower seat height and higher handlebars. This type of bike is good for all skill levels as well because of how easy they are to ride.

3. Cruiser

Essentially, cruisers are more tame, laid-back versions of choppers. As with choppers, cruisers are also good for all skill levels and weekend riding.

4. Power Cruiser

A variation of regular cruisers is the power cruiser which features more power and provides the rider with a more aggressive experience. Because of the intensity, the rider should be advanced in their riding abilities.

5. Dirt Bikes

As the name implies, dirt bikes are designed for riding off the road. To make the bikes more suitable for off-roading the tires have more grip, the body is lightweight and the frame is minimalist. Be sure to wear the appropriate motorcycle gear on a dirt bike as it can make a difference on the aerodynamics of your ride.

6. Enduro Bikes

Enduros are meant for long-distance, off-road riding and are similar in structure to regular dirt bikes. The only difference is that enduro bikes usually have head and tail lights for the night time as well as navigation and timing devices.

7. Scooters

This type of bike is small and lightweight compared to typical motorcycles. Scooters are ideal for people looking for a simple, economical bike for commuting and transportation in a metropolis.

8. Power Scooters

An adaptation to the regular scooter is the power scooter which incorporates a larger motor and more storage space into a regular scooter. If you want more of a blast to your scooter, the power scooter is the way to go.

9. Sport Bikes

Sport motorcycles are meant for high-performance riding and are equipped for heavy duty tracks. They are used for street riding as well, they are usually flashy compared to other bikes. Because of the speed and complexity of sport bikes, they are better for intermediate and advanced riders.

10. Touring Bikes

This type of bike is used for long-distance cruising that is comparable to the comfort of cars. Touring bikes have many adjustable features to suit the rider as well as radios and navigation systems.

11. Motocross Bikes (and Other Competition Bikes)

Motocross bikes are built for competition therefore are meant for seasoned bikers. They can sustain any terrain, tight turns and jumps, usually on outdoor motorcycle courses.

On the other hand, supermoto bikes are designed for both offroad and road competitions. Supercross bikes are meant for indoor competition courses.

12. Naked Bikes

Inspired by British motorcycles from the sixties, naked bikes lack heavy bodywork that would usually cover the engine. Basically, they are sport bikes but without bodywork.

13. Trial Bikes

This bike is highly specialized for competition, each one is tailor made for the rider’s needs. All trial bikes are very light, lack seats and have a stiff suspension as opposed to regular dirt bikes. As trial bikes are meant for competition, beginners should not be learning on these bikes.

14. Mopeds

Mopeds are meant for city commuting, however, they are not designed for highway riding. Because they are easy to ride and not extremely fast, they are ideal for beginners.

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