4 Different Ways to Recycle More Plastic

When you buy something, it is always better to buy anything that is reusable. That way, it is not just a single-use item that you end up throwing away. However, this may not always be possible or practical. However, if it was, and you had the choice, it would be better to buy something that you can use again.

Of course, many of the items we buy will make use of plastic and sometimes, there is no choice, or it is just not convenient to get something else. So, when you are faced with the plastic problem, here are several tips you can try using to recycle more plastic.

1. Plastic Bottles

All plastic bottles are recyclable. You don’t even have to think about it. Believe it or not, many plastic bottles actually end up in the landfill. Is this because of sheer laziness? Is it because people just don’t know? Perhaps they were not so sure and decided to throw it in the garbage. The best advice is not to think or analyze this; if it is a plastic bottle, recycle it in the recycling bin.

2. Plastic Bags

You may be surprised to learn that plastic bags can be recycled, so do not throw them into the garbage. However, it has to be relatively clean. In other words, it should not be reused for picking up after your dog. Then, it is not recyclable. These plastic bags are recycled and remanufactured. This extends the life of the resource. Another bonus is that it helps create green manufacturing jobs. These bags are then turned into new bags or even made use of other ways. For example, they can be used in office supplies, plastic furniture, plastic lumber, garden supplies and water pipes. Pretty neat, huh?

3. Don’t Just Think Of The Kitchen

Many people may be guilty, albeit unconsciously, of only thinking about the kitchen when it comes to recycling items. You need to look past the kitchen. What about the bathroom? The bathroom is a place where you can find recyclable plastic. Things like plastic shampoo bottles, conditioner, the mouthwash bottle, liquid soap dispensers and plastic body wash bottles may all be recycled. Then there is also the laundry area to consider.

The detergent container and other cleaning products that come in plastic containers can all be recycled. The best way to do this is to place a small recycling bin where most of the recycling materials in the house can be found. Then, it is so much easier and convenient for you and your family to recycle.

4. Look For Recycling Bins

Don’t just recycle at home; do it outside too. Look for recycling bins. These tend to be prominently displayed and sometimes in striking colours, making it easier to spot. Recycling bins are found in parks, stadiums or even at the beach. Hang on to it until you see a container, then dispose your plastic bottles responsibly. If you fail to spot a bin, bring it home and recycle it there.

Make a habit of looking for products that are made with recycled plastics. This means that there is a market for it, so it won’t go to waste. If you learned a little more about it, you can choose wisely and make sure that less resources are used. At least you can play your part in reducing your carbon footprint and you can teach others as well.

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