4 Digital Storage Benefits of a Managed Data Centre

Data management has become a crucial component of businesses both big and small. The advent of modern big data gathering techniques, as well as constantly improving computing technologies has made data storage and availability a common concern.

The techniques used to gather data have largely become automated, with complex programs doing most of the busy work in the background. Customer information and data has also become an important topic in recent years, as businesses collect more information than ever before which could potentially be harmful in the wrong hands.

Modern technology has provided other more reasonable solutions to the storage issue, however, and below we’re going to look at several reasons why a managed hosting is a better option than building a data centre from the ground up.

1. Storage Media is Just the Beginning

When first assessing whether or not you should build your own set of servers, you may look at the price of storage devices and be led to believe that it’s an inexpensive undertaking. While its true that standard hard drives may be inexpensive, that cost doesn’t even scratch the surface of the cost of a quality server. Additionally, the average hard drive may not perform up to par, and you may need faster drives in order to achieve reasonable performance.

The equipment alone isn’t enough to get up and running, as a significant amount of software and networking is required to get started. Configuring a server is complex, and typically requires professional assistance, and once the job is complete, dedicated IT staff are needed to monitor and manage any issues you might encounter.

2. Space

Another noteworthy consideration is whether or not you have a suitable space to place a personal business server. Large servers require specific conditions in order to operate correctly, and one of those conditions is a well ventilated, cool space.

The larger a server is, or the more servers you possess, the more heat they’ll generate. Servers are prone to overheat, which can lead to plenty of issues. Ventilation is key to cycle out the hot air, as well as reduce pollutants such as dust from gathering.

3. Managed Solutions are Inexpensive


This influx of gathered data demands large quantities of physical storage media in order to store and maintain it, and reliable security to protect the interests of the business gathering it, as well as customer information contained within. It almost goes without saying that acquiring the necessary storage devices is quite costly, but that’s really only the beginning.

In truth, data storage is a complex practice which requires a great deal of time, effort, money and staff in order to manage effectively. It’s not uncommon for a business to make plans to manage their data personally, but it’s nearly a given that those businesses don’t quite know what they’re getting into.

Managed data centres and storage solutions are significantly cheaper than the alternatives, and often outperform the average on-site business data centre. The improved performance comes as a result of managed data centres employing high-quality servers utilizing fast storage devices such as Solid State Drives.

4. Managed Data Centers Eliminate Complications

The largest benefit of using a managed data centre is that it significantly reduces the complications that come with server technology. Dedicated data centres employ large teams of IT professionals, most of whom have years of experience. Multiple employees are always on site to handle any issues that may arise, and security protocols are strictly enforced to protect any stored data.

It’s not uncommon for a managed data centre to provide some variety of encryption for your data, which provides an additional layer of, particularly strong security.

Many years ago, simple server technology wasn’t as expensive to acquire, and managed solutions weren’t as available or powerful, but advancements in technology have shifted the tides in favour of managed solutions. Their inexpensive, secure,  beginner friendly nature simply makes them a superior choice for the vast majority of businesses.

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