4 Simple Security Basics For Small Business Operations

Even if you only have a small operation, it’s always worth investing in security. Even if you have insurance, a robbery or loss of data can severely cripple your company. It’s important to put some measures in place ahead of time to protect your business and secure your property. This post looks at four security basics for small operations.

1. Invest In Securing Your Windows

Windows are a well-known point of entrance for burglars which makes them worth securing. You can buy window locks from a hardware store or use a locksmith to install additional locks. Security pins are also a good idea since they allow you to keep the window cracked without providing an opening for intruders.

If your building has old, single pane windows, it’s worth replacing them. You need tempered or security glass to ensure your premises is adequately protected. Newer windows will also save you money on energy costs since they allow less heat to escape. You can also get a locksmith to install security film which will hold the window in place in the event the glass is shattered.

2. Take Control Of Which Files People Can Access

Data is rapidly becoming an indispensable part of running a business. It’s important to take steps to protect your client and business data from prying eyes. If your employees deal with sensitive files, it’s worth disabling the USB ports to prevent files from being stolen. You should also invest in a system that allows you to control who can view certain files.

Another important area of data security is your printer. Some printers store every document ever printed on the onboard memory. Make sure you completely wipe the memory before giving the printer away. It’s a good idea to avoid storing data on your printer in case you’re hacked, or the unit is stolen.

3. Consult With A Locksmith To Physically Secure The Premises

Locksmiths are security professionals that can help you plan the best way to secure your business. Locksmiths can help you install modern security systems that allow you to monitor your property from your phone. Locksmiths can also install safes for any valuables you have on site.

Another reason to work with a locksmith is they can help you re-key a building. If you’ve lost your keys or you’re moving into a new building, it’s always a good idea to have full control of the ability to accesses your priority. Locksmiths can install master keys that work with every door and single door keys for the rest of your staff.

4. Train Your Employees To Work With Sensitive Data

Training your employees is an excellent way to invest in the security of your business. Your employees should feel comfortable and confident when handling sensitive data. They need training on how to properly store data, how to protect their passwords and how to secure the building at the end of the day. Proper training helps you develop a staff that you can trust.

It’s also crucial to train your staff on what to do in case of an emergency. All emergency exits in your building need to be clearly marked, and it’s worth doing a run-through a few times a year. Being upfront with your staff about your security plans helps you develop a trustworthy team that can handle many different situations.

All in all, it’s worth taking some extra steps to protect your property. Doing everything possible protect your business ensures your insurance protects you in case of an emergency. Your employees play an integral part in the security of your business, which makes training important. Keep these four suggestions in mind when making your security plans.

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