4 Ways In Which Technology Has Revolutionized Water Purification Methods

Clean water is an essential part of life. The water is essential in many aspects of life such as public health as well as for use in agricultural production. However, there is not enough clean and pure water that can satisfy the needs of the general public across the globe. Water purification systems have implemented new technologies so as to make sure that more pure water is available to the general public. In this article, we will look at four ways in which technology has revolutionized water purification methods.

1. Aquavus technology


There has been the introduction of Aquavus which is a system that can be utilized to desalinate and purify ocean water using ultrasound waves. Just one single unknit of the purification system can be used to treat about 800 gallons of water each and every day. The system is used in such a way that a powerful ultrasound is utilized to explode particles in water to a size that is smaller than ten microns. The particles then evaporate which results in the production of pure water. The method is quite fast and can be used to collect water from the ocean for use by human beings.

2. Micro-organisms to eat pollutants in the water


Companies are now looking at ways in which waste water can be treated and utilized by the public. The Euglena BioFiltration system is a water purification system that uses Euglena to clean waste water. Euglena has the ability to absorb pollutants in the water such as lead and phosphates that are harmful to the human body. The method is employed by introducing the algae into water and then deceiving it into absorbing pollutants, heavy metals, and mineral from the surrounding environment. The euglena biomass from the system is then used to create fertilizer biofuel and food.

3. Slingshot


The water purification systems have seen great advancements over the years. The slingshot is one of those great advancements. The device has a Stirling engine that powers it and it runs on a fuel source that is combustible. The slingshot is able to convert any source of water into safe drinking water. The device employs vapor compression distillation which makes it easy for it to treat sewage, seawater or even chemical waste into safe drinking water. The device can run on cow dung as its main source of fuel and does not require any form of filters to work. The slingshot can produce 250,000 liters of water each year making it a viable source of water for many people.

4. Fine particle filter


The device is used to process a wide variety of water that has high solids in it. It provides a very efficient means of wastewater treatment in most industries such as the food and beverage industry, laundry as well as in the textile industry. The water can be filtered in such a way that it can be reused in the pulp and paper industry or can even be used for industrial wastewater treatment.

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