4 Ways to Convert Real Estate Referrals

Real estate agents know that theirs is a busy trade to be in. They need to be on the ball all the time. They depend on commission, so, if they rest on their laurels, they are never going to be successful. In order to be successful, there are certain tools of the trade that can (and must) be used, otherwise, they can expect to keep sliding backwards, no matter how hard they try.

All real estate agents must use a real estate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program. It makes the job easier and more organized. Agents will never miss a beat. Yet, some agents still suffer using old methods that just won’t work in the digital age. Let’s look at how agents can help to turn referrals into customers in the long run.

1. Creating A Profile

If you receive a referral from a past client, create a contact profile for this referral. Enter their name and all their contact information and any other relevant information. You also need to enter the name of the past client who made the referral. This is important because if you get the sale, you want to thank them later on. Now, it is up to you to make your relationship with the new referral grow.

Nurture it and you will gain their trust. As you get to know them, as well as other referrals you add to the database, you can enter more information about them, such as birthdays, mortgage details or anything else. This way, even if some time has passed, you can always look at the database and refresh your memory.

2. Record Any Activity

Without a database, it will get overwhelming as you gather more names and information. With a CRM software program, everything is easily organized and recorded and you will have access at the click of a button. Even if you have a million names in there, it will not be overwhelming at all! However, it is important to make sure that any activity between you and the referral, whether it is an email sent or received, a phone call given or received, must be entered into this central system. This way, you have all your notes to which you can easily refer, to know what’s happening with a certain person.

3. Staying In Touch

Even though a referral has not bought a house from you, you still need to keep in touch. Come on, it’s a house! People don’t buy a house on a whim! So, the idea is to keep in touch and one day, when they decide to buy one, you are the one they will call, because they know and trust you now.

4. Email Newsletter

Start sending them a monthly newsletter that has lots of great information on house-related articles. You can write this content yourself but you can also outsource it, but make sure it is also optimized for mobile phones. You can set it up so that it automatically sends all your contacts a newsletter on a specified date. By offering great information, you are helping them, which they will appreciate.

You can also send your contacts emails (known as a drip email). This builds your credibility even further. Stay in touch with them even if it takes years. People will realize that you’ve been around for years and that you have sent them so much valuable information, so when it comes time to buy, they will seek you out. This is not something that happens overnight and it never will be. However, by using a real estate CRM, you will build a successful business in the long run and will continue to do so for years to come.

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