4 Ways to Enjoy Your Time in a New City

Going to a new city can quickly get overwhelming. With all the options available to you, it’s hard to know where to start. However, things get much easier if you take the traditional tourist pressure off of yourself. Use these four tips to help you enjoy your time in a new city!

1. Explore The Place Through Food

Food is always going to be among the most memorable aspects of your trip, even if it’s bad. If you decide to live on hotel food, you’ll regret not exploring more. Being adventurous with food is an excellent way to experience a new place through its cuisine.

Even if you’re only in town for business, you still have to eat. Plan where you want to go ahead of time so you can still get a good grasp of what the food is like. Restaurants and bars are also great places to meet locals who can point you towards the best spots. Many destinations also have a selection of alcohol unique to the region.

2. Don’t Hesitate To Ask Questions

If you’re ready to really get the feel of a new city, start asking questions. The more people you speak with, the more options you’ll expose yourself to. Taxi drivers, vendors and hotel staff always have information to help you make the most out of your visit. Simply asking, “what do you think I should do tomorrow?” can open you up to better experiences than you’ll find just sticking to the tourist attractions.

If you don’t feel comfortable going up to random people, consider hiring a tour guide. Tour guides can bring great insights to a place, especially when exploring historical cities. If you have questions, the tour guide will almost certainly have a detailed answer. Private tours are great if you’re interested in really picking the guide’s brain for information about the city. Group tours are great for a fun, relaxing time.

3. Use Short-Term Rentals To Your Advantage

Short-term rentals are great alternatives to hotels. If you’re going to be in a new destination for longer than a couple of weeks, it’s likely cheaper to use a short-term rental. Unlike AirBNB’s and other shared spaces, you can stay in a secure building that you have full control over. Short-term rentals also give you the freedom of entertaining guests at your leisure without having to follow hotel rules. Short-term rentals are great for genuinely experiencing life in a new destination at your own pace.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Explore

If you want to truly experience a new destination, spend at least a day getting lost. Exploring a new place on foot is often the best way to get an intimate feel of a destination. You can start by picking a spot near your short-term rental or hotel and go from there. Getting lost and finding your way back will give you a sense of adventure and accomplishment once the day is over.

The best way to enjoy a new place is to avoid making detailed plans. Trying to hit every tourist attraction can quickly overload your schedule and add a feeling of work to your vacation. You don’t always have to visit the tourist attractions. Taking the time to relax and enjoy your surroundings will help you enjoy your trip more.

While you’re exploring, keep track of your experiences. Either use a journal or photos to capture what’s going on around you. If you want to come back to a place you found while exploring, mark it down so it doesn’t become lost to time. It’s always fun to review your records, notes, and thoughts as you make your way through unfamiliar territory.

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