5 Dental Care Tips While on Vacation

Finally you are on vacation! It’s been a while hasn’t it? Well, just because you are taking a vacation from your day to day life, doesn’t mean your dental care should go by the wayside as well. Keep these tips in mind to make sure your teeth stay healthy.
1) Schedule a pre-vacation check up.
The last thing you want while on vacation are toothaches or various other teeth related concerns, so get a check up from the dentist before you go. That way you can go on vacation in peace and take care of any issues before your leave. This is especially important if you have had extensive dental work, like dental implants. visit your local Toronto dentist to get these checked.
2) Take your healthy teeth habits with you.
When you are packing, pack floss, toothpaste and your good toothbrush. Floss every night while you are way and brush twice at least. You may have to purchase toothpaste if you happen to be going on an airplane.
3) Cut down on sweets.
 Sugar does damage to your teeth and even though you’ll want to indulge while away, try not to over indulge on sugar. It can be bad on your body physically and on your teeth.
4) Protect your toothbrush.
Make sure you keep your toothbrush dry and in a protected place while on vacation. This includes while you are enroute to your vacation and while you are there. Make sure your toothbrush is put away in a safe enclosure rather than out in the open while in the hotel room too.
5) Drink plenty of water.
Drinking water flushes out toxins in your mouth (and in your body). Also, if you can’t drink the water in the region you are visiting, you can’t brush with it either. So make sure you brush with bottled water in that case.
Make sure you take good habits with you while on vacation and you’ll come back glad you had the time away – without any guilt.
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