5 Different Types of Airport Parking

Your choice of an airport parking depends on a number of variables. These include convenience, distance to the airport, comfort, cost, personal preference, among others. The best airport parking lots are those closest to airports, but they also come with a heavy cost trade-off. If you plan to leave your car parked at such an airport, you better be prepared to pay a little more for the convenience.

The good thing is there are different types of pocket-friendly airport parking options to consider.

1. Daily Parking

If you intend to park your car at the airport’s daily parking lot, expect to pay more than you would at long-term parking lots. However, daily parking lots are less expensive than short-term parking lots. Usually located within a short walking distance to the airport terminal, when located away from the airport, daily parking lots offer a shuttle service to the airport terminals.

2. Long-Term Parking

Also known as satellite parking, long-term parking lots are usually located a good distance from the airports. You need an airport shuttle to get to the airport. In spite of the slight inconvenience, you pay less at a long-term parking lot than you would at a daily or short-term parking lot. If you will be away for a long time and you need a secure place to leave your car for a few days or weeks, long-term parking is highly recommended.

3. Offsite Airport Parking

There are many offsite airport parking lots, which offer airport transfer services. Since these are private enterprises, they offer aggressively lower rates in a bid to attract clients. You are likely to get lower parking rates at offsite airport parking lots than you would at the airport long-term lot. Besides offering shuttle services to and from the airport terminal, some go as far as washing your car at no cost while you are away.

4. Valet Parking

If you are in a hurry and do not have time to wait for the shuttle service to take you to the terminal, valet parking is highly ideal. All you have to do is drive to the airport and hand over the car to the parking company executive who will park it for you as you proceed to check into your flight.

Upon return, a driver from the company will pick you and hand over the car back to you. Although a bit pricey, valet parking areas are conveniently located near airport terminals.

5. Curbside Parking

If someone is driving you to the airport, there are designated areas near the terminal where they can drop you. Curbside parking is allowed for quick drop-offs. Be careful when using curbside parking since the driver cannot linger there for too long. You only have enough time to disembark, pick your luggage and proceed to check in. Make sure you remove your entire luggage from the car since the driver may not be there the next time you look back.

Whatever your requirements are, there is an airport parking option for you. The most ideal depends on your circumstances, especially your ability to spend. The one thing to remember is whichever type of airport parking your settle for, the goal is to get to the airport terminal and back to your car as easy as possible without having to break your bank.

However, if money is not an issue for you, you might find valet packing irresistible. Besides, if none of these options work for you, you can still get to the terminals via other alternatives such as taxicabs, rideshare services, or via an airport shuttle; or perhaps you could request one of your friends to drop or pick you at the airport terminal; or use public transport – it still works.

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  • Sam Li

    Airport parking is a valuable service because it is known for being secure and convenient. I love what you said about offsite services and how they almost always offer some form of airport transit. The next time I take a vacation, I’ll make sure to find a parking lot that can take care of my vehicle.

    • Juliet Bennett

      Agreed! Hope your vacation goes well, Sam!

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