5 Different Ways to Curl Your Hair

Do you ever wish that you had naturally curly hair? Many people who have straight hair wish their hair could be a little curly. Well, if you have straight hair, and would like to add some curls to it, we can recommend different ways to curl your hair!

Depending on what you feel like, you can have it slightly wavy or do something dramatic and add curls Shirley Temple would be proud of. You can have fun experimenting in hair salons and find a look you like by trying out different curls.

Let’s have a look at the different ways to curl your hair.

1. The Classic Curl

Many people love this type of curl. It is also probably the easiest you can try. Wrap your hair around the barrel. You need to check and make sure that between the wraps, there should not be any spaces. It should remind you of a ribbon when you look at it. To help it set, curl the hair for about 15 seconds. After this, release it into your palm for a few more seconds. Once you have done this, you will be looking at the classic curl! You can do this for a nice evening out to dinner with that special someone.

2. The Natural Curl

A bit similar to the classic, take a section of your hair, then wrap (the top part) of it away from the barrel. Again, just wait or hold it a few seconds. Now, take the remaining hair and curl that towards your face. This is a trick to achieve a multi-directional curl, making it look a lot more natural. Once again, release into your palm for a few seconds, let it set and then release it.

3. The Tight Curl

If you have a one-inch barrel, don’t worry, it can be used to make tight curls. The trick here is to work with smaller sections of your hair. Take this smaller section and on to the barrel it goes. Now here is where this will differ from the classic curl; there should be space between the wraps.

If you have really long hair, then there is no way you can fit it on the barrel at one time. Just curl the top part of that section initially. After you release it, then do it for the remaining bottom part. One bit of warning, especially if you have really long hair; this is pretty time-consuming. However, it will be worth the effort because you will have tight curls to die for!

4. The Twist Curl

Twist a small section of hair away from your face. While twisting, make it nice and tight around the barrel. Again, release it into the palm of your hand and let this cool down (in your hand). This unique curl will look a little like a beach wave, but a whole lot sexier!

5. The Loose Wave

The loose wave is a good option whenever the time is a little short. This is because you will be working with larger sections of hair. Take a somewhat thick section of hair and place around the barrel. While curling, do a slight up and down rolling motion as this is the trick to getting that loose wave.

Some of these take longer, with the loose wave being the quickest. It may take a bit of getting used to, as you try to get the look just right but it’s certainly going to be worth the effort!

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