5 Interesting Facts About Using Coffee Enemas

Coffee enemas have been around for a while and are only gaining in popularity. Although many shy away from this rather unconventional detoxifying technique, more and more people are being convinced, by the testimonials and health benefits of other, to give it a try for themselves. It is true that coffee enemas are a great way to get rid of toxic waste from the colon, but they actually offer lots of additional health benefits as well.

Here are 5 interesting facts about using coffee enemas, which will give you more insights into this procedure:

1. Coffee enemas significantly reduce the number of toxins in your body.

Like it or not, we are surrounded by toxins and our body is absorbing them all the time. Whether from an unhealthy died, or atmosphere pollution, there is simply no way to avoid them. In fact, the earth itself is overloaded with toxic metals and chemicals and, inevitably, they seek into our food and water supply.

Some common diseases and illnesses have actually been linked directly to toxins in the colon, and therefore gut health should be important to everyone. Coffee is able to stimulate the liver without first having to pass through the digestive tract, and therefore, it is an effective, safe, and convenient way to get rid of toxins deep in the gut.

2. It cleans your digestive tract and promotes healthy bacteria.

Coffee enemas help keep your digestive tract and colon clean without disrupting the balance of flora that lives in a healthy gut. They also help encourage and promote peristalsis. Peristalsis is the series of wave like muscle contractions which moves food through your digestive tract.  When you are fasting, a coffee enema will help peristalsis action and toxins will be removed from the body much faster.

3. It leads to increased mental clarity, more energy, and an overall sense of well-being.

When your body is dealing with less toxic waste, your energy levels naturally shoot up. This elimination will help you feel lighter, clearer, and more in control of your body. When caffeine and palmitates enter the bloodstream, they create a super strong detoxifying force that will promote a feeling a calm and relaxation in the body.

4. It helps you overcome feelings of lethargy and depression.

Speaking of promoting a feeling of calm, many people don’t realize how closely related the digestive system is to overall mood. If you’re feeling sluggish and weighed down, did you even consider that it might in fact be the insistent stream of chemicals and toxins your body is being forced to deal with?

In fact, multiple studies have shown a direct relationship between our physical state and our emotional well-being. A coffee enema in combination with dietary changes can help many people overcome symptoms of depression that arise from a buildup, over years, of environmental pollution.

5. You can have better digestion and get the flat tummy you always wanted.

Flatulence, bloating, and stomach cramping are all common symptoms of subpar digestion. There are several factors that contribute to the functioning of this important system in the body, but an overburdened liver is a big one. Caffeine and other nutrients are absorbed through the colon wall directly into the liver. They are then able to attach themselves to the load of toxins and help eliminate them, given the liver a chance to rest and repair itself.

This will also enable you to absorb nutrients more efficiently from the food you eat, meaning that you’ll be able to eat less without such strong feelings of hunger. All in all, coffee enemas help your body stay balanced and make you less reliant on sugar and other additives for satisfaction form the food you eat.

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