5 Money Saving Tips for Shipping Companies

If you ask any business – large or small – what is the one thing they wish they could slash from their budget, it would likely be this: shipping.

Even Amazon, one of the world’s biggest and most successful corporations in the world today, is constantly looking to find ways on decreasing their shipping outlays. Whether it is by leasing their own airplanes or utilizing the power of drones, they’re experimenting with everything.

As a small company such as yourself, you don’t have the luxury or the cash flow of leasing planes or using drones. That said, how can you reduce your shipping expenditures?

Shipping companies know the ins and outs of sending packages in your own city or internationally. They know how you can save on shipping a lamp, t-shirt, or computer to customers in Canada, Cambodia, or Cameroon. Simply put: they have the first-hand knowledge of how, where, and when you spend fewer loonies and toonies on shipments and not lose money on their company.

Here are five money-saving tips from shipping companies:

1. Use Several Carriers – Not Just One

It can be simple and convenient to use a single carrier to ship all of your goods to customers. But how do you know you’re getting the best deal for a specific order? The answer is: you don’t.

Yes, it reduces the headache of having to constantly find the cheapest source to send your items. However, it can save you money by taking advantage of several carriers.

In other words, you should always look into a different carrier based on the specifics of the shipment. One shipping company may be great to send a bulky order, while another firm would be great to ship a smaller envelope-size product.

Do your due diligence. It will save you money.

2. Large Order? Send by Freight

Rather than use FedEx or UPS, you can send your orders by freight. But it is important to remember that it only makes sense and saves you a lot of cash if the shipment is immense. Also, you can split up the order on different freight vehicles – this only works if the client agrees.

3. Reuse Packaging in Your Office

Let’s be honest: since we do much of our shopping online, we get a lot of packaging: boxes, bubble wrap, tape, envelopes, and the list goes on.

What do you do with this material? You likely throw it in the garbage or recycle it.

That’s a waste. Why? Because you can reuse the packaging in your office. Instead of having to acquire packaging supplies and materials from a store, you can reuse the stuff you have received from Amazon, eBay, or any other online store you regularly frequent.

4. Buy a Label Printer Right Now

One of the best machines that will pay dividends down the road is a label printer.

Many companies simply use a carrier to help print the specifics of the shipment, which adds even more money to your total bill. You can circumvent this cost by using a label printer. It doesn’t require a massive investment, and it will definitely reduce your shipping outlays.

5. Know Your Weight – You Need to be Precise

Accuracy and precision are two measures that can save you money. The more accurate and precise, the more you will save on your shipping.

By knowing the exact weight of your shipment, by describing perfectly the shipment, you will not be overcharged. For instance, FedEx will charge you less for shipping goods that are more than five pounds. UPS, meanwhile, will extend some savings if your shipment is fewer than five pounds.

In the end, you will be rewarded for your acumen.

Every business wishes it could eradicate the high cost of shipping from their budgets. Unfortunately, whether you’re shipping oil or oranges, gold or gorgonzola, you will pay through the nose for shipping. Thankfully, there is competition in the market to get the best pricing. But you need to be a bit more clever to save on shipping: reusing packaging, printing your own label, or sending by freight.

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