5 Most Annoying Pests Found In Your Home

Although a large number of people will never need to call a pest control company, for the ones who do, you need to find one experienced in treating the type of problem you are experiencing. Some of the most common types of pests to watch for are as follows:

1. Bed bugs

These horrible little creatures are quite literally bloodsuckers. They prefer to nibble on exposed skin like the face, neck or arms and leave little welts that can be itchy and last for weeks. To get rid of them, there are a variety of treatments available including chemical or heat treatments. Whichever method you elect to use, ask your pest control company if it is effective beyond the day of treatment. If a few don’t die right away, do you need to have another treatment or will the exposure to the first treatment continue? Also check to see if it will kill the eggs.

2. Rodents

Rats and mice can cause untold amounts of damage and destruction if not eradicated properly. In either case, make sure you don’t leave any food out and store it in sealed containers that can’t be chewed through. If there are any obvious openings or holes in your home, roof, eaves, gutters, foundations etc., seal them so the rodents can’t get in. Most often, pest infestations occur in the fall and winter when the pests are trying to find a warm spot to call home. Their skeletons are collapsible, so they can get into a space as small as a dime and once inside, they can go anywhere in your home.

3. Birds

A lot of birds like to nest in your kitchen vents, bathroom vents, dryer vents or in your attic. Treating them before they reproduce is important and removing the nests is critical. You should consider putting a wire mesh over any opening large enough for birds to get into, to stop them from gaining entry in the first place. A pest control company can safely remove any nests and birds and will disinfect the area to ensure no bird mites are left behind.

4. Wildlife

Other wildlife such as chipmunks, skunks, raccoons, or even bats can cause damage to your home if not properly dealt with. Snare poles, one-way doors and immediate removal are known to be effective treatments, with other options also available depending on your service provider. Once the pests are removed, screening or blocking off the entry points is necessary to ensure they don’t return. Your pest control company should also spray to eliminate any other pests the wildlife may have brought with them such as ticks or fleas.

5. Creepy crawlers and flyers

Ants, cockroaches, flies, fleas, bees and wasps are some of the more common pests that invade homes or businesses. Generally, a spray will be used to exterminate these pests. Bug and insect extermination carried out by a professional exterminator is the most effective method of getting rid of the problem, using products that are safe and approved by the Ministry of Environment.

Regardless of the type of pest you need to remove, make sure you ask your pest control service provider about the products they use and how those may affect your family members or pets. Also, don’t be afraid to ask about what guarantee they offer, if any.

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