5 Most Common Air Conditioner Problems

Now that the summer is fast approaching, it’s time to get the air conditioners going and keep ourselves cool. There are days when it can be incredibly hot. These are also the days when we worry about the elderly and the sick, and of course, we can’t forget about our furry friends either.

Dogs in particular cannot take the heat and anyone who has a dog can see the difference in their dog on really hot days. But is your air conditioner in good working order? Generally, air conditioners just keep going without any problems. However, when there is a problem, those of us with a little more knowledge may try to fix it ourselves and save some money, However, here are a few problems that you may encounter that’s best left to the professionals.

1. Burning Smell

Occasionally, you may smell something not quite right from the outdoor unit. This can be due to several reasons, but it is most likely from leaves getting into it. These can rot of course, and when they do, you can expect to experience a funny smell. However, the condenser could also have a burning smell, which is more worrying. This may be due to the insulation being damaged or it could also be due to faulty wiring. Try not to fix this by yourself but instead, you should call the pros.

2. Some Rooms Not Getting Cooled

If you find that some parts of your home are not getting cooled down, this is another one of those issues that’s best left to the experts. This could be happening due to several reasons and unless you know what you are doing, do not try to repair your central air conditioner. A qualified technician can spot the problem. In fact, sometimes, it may not even be the air conditioner that’s the problem.

3. Condenser Making Unfamiliar Noise

You will be familiar with the noise the condenser makes as the fan spins and draws air that is then cooled. You know its normal sound but when it makes strange noises that are grinding or have no set pattern, something that you have never heard before, then you may have a pretty big problem. Don’t even bother trying to figure out let alone fix it. This is a complex issue and only qualified technicians should handle this problem.

4. Problem With The Coolant

The coolant in an air conditioner can run out but it is not something that is easy to fix and so should never be attempted by anyone other than someone qualified. A leak check has to be performed and if there is a leak, it will have to be repaired first before being put back in service and adding the coolant.

5. Mould In Vents

You may notice a musty smell coming from the vents and this could be a mould infestation. This is a very unhealthy situation, apart from the bad smell. To perform a check, the right tools are needed as well as someone with experience to track it down, but it is a difficult undertaking and it should not be performed by you.

There are still other things like moisture appearing where there was none before. This is another tricky problem. Only qualified professionals should be taking on these issues so that they can tell you what’s needed to have a successful air conditioning repair. Ironically, the best way to save money is to call in the experts.

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