5 Productivity Perks for a Paperless Business

It is common knowledge that when you have a business, there are going to be many documents involved, perhaps thousands a month. Many businesses still use paper which means many hours are spent on filing, editing, printing and searching for them.

If a business goes paperless, imagine the amount of time, effort and money it will be saving, not to mention that it is also good for the environment. This is why businesses should consider document scanning services and document conversion to help to transition their business into a paperless one. Let’s look at some of the reasons to go paperless.

1. Paper Waste Reduction

To make paper documents, a large amount of energy and resources must be used. Wood has to be used to manufacture the paper; then there’s the energy that’s used to print them. They also have to be stored and transported, which means more energy is used. By switching to a paperless method, the carbon footprint of the business is reduced dramatically.

2. Reduced Costs = Saving Money

Let’s face it, no business is in business to lose money. This is why it is all the more puzzling that so many businesses have not gone paperless because that’s what they are doing – losing money. Paper, toner, ink and printers aren’t free. Unless your business is absolutely awful, you can expect to be printing thousands of documents every year. This also means that printers may need to be repaired or replaced. Going with a digital format will allow your business to bypass all of this and reduce costs. Besides, with all the mobile and wireless devices we have today, people can have access to the relevant documents.

3. Time Management

Paper documents take time because it has to be printed, stored, filed, secured and sorted. If a business goes paperless, a lot of these actions will be taken out of the equation. All this time and effort can be saved and the time saved can be put to use with something else more productive.

4. Improved Collaboration

Since paper documents are static, they have to be shared physically. Any changes to it means it has to be printed again. Electronic documents can be changed and shared easily. In fact, it can also be worked on by several people, thus improving collaboration.

5. Document Searches Are A Breeze

If you need to find a specific document, or any document, for that matter, it is quick and simple to do. If it has a searchable index (which it should do), you can find any document quickly and the good thing today is that it can be accessed from anywhere. Looking for a paper document can take time. The other thing too is, if it is misplaced or filed incorrectly, then the time searching for it is increased.

A paperless business can manage data more easily and efficiently, saving both money and time. Security is also a big factor. Paper documents can be misplaced, get into the wrong hands or it can be destroyed by accidents such as floods or fires. A paperless document can only be seen or accessed by those who have permission to do so, thereby increasing security.

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