5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Home’s Safety

Making investments in your home is always worth it in the long run. Home improvements go a long way to protecting your property and establishing a safe environment for your family to enjoy. Check out these five different ways to improve your home’s safety.

1. Invest In Stylish But Bright Lighting

Proper lighting is essential for security both inside and outside your home. Having lights on that are visible from the outside is an active deterrent to criminals. It’s always a good idea to set up some of your lamps on a timer to keep whoever may be watching your home confused. Having your lights and TV on timers is a good idea for when you’re away for extended periods to make it look like someone is still around.

Proper lighting is also essential to reduce hiding spots around your home. Set up some exterior lights that are activated by motion detectors. Bright lights that illuminate your property keep criminals away while keeping your family safe by illuminating dark areas. Bright lights are excellent for when you’re entertaining outside or if someone is trying to sneak into your yard.

2. Secure Your Front Door

Making a few upgrades to your front door is an excellent way to keep your family safe. Most burglars prefer the front door since its easy and most likely to be unlocked. One option you have to strengthen your door is to replace the hinges with 3-inch screws. Stronger 3-inch screws significantly reduce the risk of forced entry.

Another good idea is to replace the basic lock that comes with your door. Installing a deadbolt lock is an excellent way to strengthen your defenses. It’s always a good idea to invest in a door made out of a strong material such as steel or solid wood. If you have a hollow door, consider replacing it before making any other changes.

3. Safely Store Your Garden Tools

Garden tools can quickly cause clutter if you’re not careful. If you don’t have a proper place for your rakes, lawn mower and other tools chances are you’ll have a messy yard or messy garage. Hanging your tools on a pegboard is an excellent way to store your gardening supplies. A pegboard takes up a limited amount of room, and you can hang one in your shed. Hanging your tools is a great way to protect them from moisture and other debris.

4. Make An Investment In Your Roof

Getting roofers to work on your home is an excellent way to invest in security and energy efficiency. Roofers can install high-quality insulation under your roof which makes a drastic difference in how much energy is leaving your home. If you’ve been putting off your roof renovations, chances are it’s costing you more money than its worth.

Roofers can also add a cool coating to your roof. This is a special finishing layer that helps reflect heat. This makes a significant difference in how much energy it takes to cool your home during the summer. Roofers will also spot small problems before they turn into bigger issues.

5. Keep Your Lawn In Good Care

Believe it or not, the time you spend taking care of your lawn is an investment in your home. Lawn care goes a long way to establishing a safe environment for you to entertain guests and for your children to play.

Criminals also look at the condition of your lawn when looking for targets. Lawns that are taken care of usually are accompanied by alarm systems; motion activated lights and other security measures. Taking care of your lawn is a sign that you make protecting your property a priority.

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