5 Surprising Benefits of a Clean Work Environment

A clean work environment contributes to a healthy and hygienic workplace which are the apparent benefits. However, there are hidden benefits as well. A clean workplace can increase productivity, improve safety, increase motivation, reduce stress and demonstrate professionalism.

Since we spend almost eight hours of our day at work, it is important for us to be working within clean conditions to maintain our overall health and well-being. Here are the five major benefits of hiring an office cleaning team for a clean and polished workplace:

1. Increases Productivity

Clutter results in disorganization and causes distractions such as a pile of unorganized paper on the desk. The distraction reduces focus on daily responsibilities. In a cluttered environment it is difficult to find tools or stationery. Too much time is spent looking for stationery or materials to begin work.

To avoid this situation, it is recommended to keep the most commonly used items in an accessible location or near your desk. Files and other items used less often can be stored away. A clean environment improves the flow of information and ideas, and increases creativity and innovation.

2. Promotes Employee Health

A messy environment can lead to increased stress. Searching for important documents in a disorganized pile of paper or a disorderly desk that has contributed to misplacing documents are perfect scenarios that can lead to stress. Apart from stress, an unhygienic work environment can spread an illness.

If the desk is not wiped regularly there are chances of the desk collecting bacteria. A mouse and keyboard are exposed to food particles that leads to accumulate bacteria. This can potentially cause an illness. It is important to ensure your desk is wiped daily, your papers are organized and well maintained, and your computer equipment are free from accumulation of bacteria.

3. Illness Prevention

It is hard to believe that an untidy workplace can cause or spread an illness. Illness impacts our performance. Proper work hygiene and daily cleaning can prevent virus and bacteria from spreading all over the office. Offices are closed environments that can easily spread illness and germs. Disinfecting the area, workstations, washrooms and other office areas can strongly prevent sickness and infection.

Many offices today use sanitary stalls at washrooms, kitchens and workstations which help to keep hands clean at all times. Daily cleaning and wiping of the desk, getting rid of the garbage, recycling paper and cleaning computer equipment can ensure that unpleasant bacteria, germs and viruses are not spread or experienced.

4. Good Impression and Professionalism

The first impression is always a lasting impression. A good impression portrays professionalism. A client, investor or supplier will not take an organization serious if they find that the workplace is disorderly, untidy and chaotic. Many organizations think that visitors to the office may not be paying attention to the environment, but they are noticing the level of cleanliness.

Today, workplace cleanliness is a health and safety requirement. Neglection of this necessary requirement can be costly in the future when there is a high turnover of employees and clients moving on from your products or services. A clean environmental always shows your employees, clients and suppliers that you care about appearance and most importantly their health and safety.

5. Happier Employees, Clients and Suppliers

A messy, untidy and unhygienic workplace can make employees, clients and suppliers discontent. The work environment can greatly influence the satisfaction of employees, clients and suppliers. Happy employees remain motivated and always aim to do their jobs well. Clients enjoy their visit to the office and are never in a hurry to leave the office. Suppliers find it easy to navigate through the office with no obstacles in their way.  Everyone is content and enjoy daily responsibilities.

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  • Derek Dewitt

    I know I always feel happier coming into work to a clean office. I like your point about how this can help motivate you. I agree that I tend to work better when I’m not distracted by a cluttered desk.

    • Juliet Bennett

      Yup! For me personally, I’m NEVER able to get any work done if my desk is cluttered. I get distracted by all the shiny things on my desk, haha!

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