5 Tips to Avoid Potential Trouble with a Rental Car

Only a few travelers are aware of additional liability that comes with renting a car. A traveler may still be liable for any damage that a rental vehicle sustains even if he or she has personal auto insurance. Fortunately, these are incredible tips to help car renters avoid the most common pitfalls and mistakes and make the best out of their car rental deal.

1. Don’t Allow any Unauthorized Person to Drive the Car

Experts prohibit allowing anyone to drive a rental car. The rental company will first seek compensation from your insurer in case of an accident or any other damage. However, the claim will likely be denied if the insurance company discovers that the car was being driven by someone else. As a renter, you might be sued by the car rental company for any damage if the agreement was in your name. The actual diver might also get tangled in a legal war with the car hire company, especially if another vehicle or someone else was injured or damaged.

2. Your Auto Insurance doesn’t Cover Commercial Vehicles

Personal auto insurance only covers vehicles used for personal purposes. That means personal auto insurance can’t cover U-Haul moving trucks or commercial vans that you intend to rent. However, travelers can purchase insurance coverage from their rental company before renting a commercial vehicle.

3. Be Attentive when Inspecting the Vehicle

Never assume that a rental company will account for all damages before renting out a commercial vehicle to you. Of course, travelers can decide to drive themselves to test any problem with a car before renting it out. Always take note of any damage that your credit card can’t cover before driving off. You can also take videos or photos if
you notice any damaged or missing part.

4. Personal Insurance Doesn’t Apply to all Uses either

Unless it is comprehensive coverage, personal insurance may not apply to a rental car in case of a collision. If you don’t have a comprehensive insurance cover, consider purchasing one from your car rental company. You will be held liable for any damage if you get involved in an accident and don’t opt for an insurance cover.

5. Always have a Co-Driver

You risk your financial future by gambling to drive without a license or insurance coverage. Fortunately, a few extra bucks can save a traveler a lot of legal hassle and thousands of dollars down the road. It might also be necessary to research a car rental company before renting its car to avoid unnecessary conflicts down the road. No matter where you’re traveling, prevention is worth the hassle of getting involved in a collision. There are more useful resources available at Discount Car Rental.

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