5 Tips to Secure Your Home While on Vacation

The vacation season will be upon us before you know it and it’s also the prime time for your home to robbed. The last thing you want to worry about while you’re away is how your home and belongings are doing. So here are a few tips that you should keep in mind before you go on your vacation.
1) Recruit a friend or neighbor for help.
Photo by Pixabay Creative Commons
The first way to make sure things are safe is to get a family member, friend, or neighbor to check on things while you are gone. Give them a house key so they can come in, check on mail, water plants, feed your pet, and clean up the front area from flyers, delivery notifications, etc. Be ready to bribe them with goodies though.
2) Stay away from social media vacation updates.
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The last thing you want to do before your vacation is announce it to your social media followers on Facebook or Instagram telling people when you are going and how long you will be away. This is a sure way that robbers use to figure out which houses to target. Save the vacation bragging for when you are back at home.
3) Stop delivery services.
Photo by Pixabay Creative Commons
If you are unable to recruit the help of a friend or neighbor, be sure to stop delivery services you may receive while you are away. Stop your mail service as well as anything like newspaper deliveries, auto-subscription deliveries and anything else you may receive while you are gone.
4) Take in your spare keys and keep everything locked.
Photo by Pixabay Creative Commons
If you are the type that leaves a spare key hidden in a house plant, make sure you take that with you when you go on vacation. Also keep everything locked from windows, doors, side entrances and garages while you are gone.
5) Don’t make it seem like you aren’t home.
Photo by Pixabay Creative Commons
Set things to go on and off with automatic timers, such as radios or lights. This way the home appears to be lived in from them outside. Also, get exterior lights and motion detector lights that go on as well. Trim any bushes or low hanging branches that block entrances or give robbers easy ways to hide in plain site.
Take these and as many precautions as you can when going away on vacation. And remember to look up locksmiths in your area, whether you need a locksmith in Toronto or other parts in Canada.
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