5 Ways to Get Your App Featured in Apple’s App Store

Apple totally redesigned the App Store in 2017 and while many features stayed the same, you will have noticed some big changes. Even more changes came in mid-September, especially with a more personalized app marketing process.

You want your app to be featured in the App Store since this is a great way to increase your app’s visibility, pump up traffic, and boost downloads. There are over two million apps available for download in the App Store these days, so there’s a lot of competition.

Since the App Store was launched 10 years ago, Apple has worked to refine how users find the apps they want to download, and how app developers can get more exposure for their apps. With the iOS 12 update, the App Store will show featured apps for the week. Furthermore, it will also feature apps that are tailored to each user’s preferences.

Before you even submit your app to the App Store, you will need to have a creative design, great functionality, and it will also want to address a need for users. After you can fulfill those requirements, here are several ways to get your app featured in the App Store.

1. Build a Native App

Apple wants to feature apps that are built for iOS, not cross-platform. This means that if you want your app to be featured, build a native iOS app. Another benefit of a native build is that they tend to offer a better user experience and are most often higher quality than hybrid apps.

2. Offer a High-Quality App

Don’t even think of submitting your app if it doesn’t work perfectly. Make it intuitive, useful, and simple to use. App Store editors will never choose to feature an app that is flawed, so work out all the bugs before you submit it. It may be worthwhile to contact an iOS app development service so that you get a professional opinion before launching your app.

3. Keep Your App Up-to-Date

Apple wants apps that are relevant and updated frequently. One way to do this is to offer new features for different occasions.

Note that the iOS12 update may affect your app’s chances of being featured! The update makes discoverability of apps personalized for users. Out of all the apps that are installed, 21 percent of those come from Featured Apps. For developers, this means a featured spot is a huge boon, and if a developer can offer an app with a specific niche, it has more chances of being featured. For example, iOS games in a particular category will do better in that category than if they were featured on the Today page.

4. Promote Apple

Always make sure the goals for your app are the same as Apple’s objectives. Whenever possible, build your app while keeping in mind an upcoming Apple product release. You can also design your app so it will work with different Apple products like the Apple Watch and iPad. Always stay up-to-date on Apple’s releases using information from Apple like hardware updates, the software update schedule, and the yearly WWDC event.

5. Leverage Your Listing

First impressions matter! This means you will need to leverage your App Store listing to convince users to download your app. Offer great screenshots of your app, make sure the description has enough details to let a potential user know how it works and what it does, and make it as enticing as possible. Use keywords throughout different sections of your listing. Make sure your title also has main keywords; this can be a little tricky since you need to keep your title succinct.

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