5 Ways to Save Money on Moving

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Moving this summer? Moving can be stressful and expensive.  From the stress over missing items in the move to items breaking, you can end up with a lot of extra expenses as a result. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind while trying to save money on your next move.
1) Get rid of as much as you can.
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One sure way to save money is to do that gargae sale you’ve been long talking about. If you know you are downsizing, get rid of large pieces of furniture that won’t fit in the new space. If you’ve been in need of a new couch for years, now is the time to get rid of it.  Also take the opportunity to sell things you haven’t used in a long time too. Whether it’s clothes, toys, or items you’ve picked up along the way that you can’t seem to get rid of, sell these items now. The extra cash you can get will help you save. Donate the rest of it to save on space and packing energy.
2) Get various price quotes.
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Don’t go with the first mover you ask to estimate the costs of moving. Contact several. Whether you need movers in Toronto or New York City, it’s good to do research to find out an agreeable price point. Find out their hourly rates and how much it would cost for an extra mover, if you need it.
3) Do as much as you can yourself.
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If you happen to be moving within your neighborhood, try to do as much moving as you can. Especially with unbreakable items and things like clothes and linen. Recruit friends who can help you move, if you need to. If you are paying by the hour, any work you do in advance is money saved. Get all the boxes taped, labelled and ready and make sure you have as much in the front room near your home entrance so they can easily pick up the items and go.
4) Get packing materials early.
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When you do know a move is ahead, get packing materials early. Reach out to your local grocery stores and find out when is the best time for you to pick up extra boxes from them. Contact friends and family members and coworkers as well to see if they have boxes and other materials that you can use.
5)  Pack with what you have.
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To branch off of the above tip, make sure you use what you have. Linens can be great to pack up things that can be potentially breakable. Stuff small objects into shoes, luggage, pockets, anything at all that can save you on space.  While it may not be pretty, for any left over soft items such as linen, dish towels, towels, and dish cloths, put those into large garbage bags. They make for easier moving and they are fairly cheap.
Hopefully with these tips in mind you can save money on your next move.
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