6 Best Books for Entrepreneurs to Read

Whether you are a successful business person or are just about to become an entrepreneur, searching for the right business idea and business financing, our selection of best books for entrepreneurs will certainly make things easier for you. Having your own business is all about constantly working on yourself, getting the relevant education, and reading good books that may help you in your professional development. As your business is eventually your reflection – the more you invest in yourself, the better your business will be day by day. What you need to know is that there is no a single book to deal with every type of entrepreneurship, and answer all the questions that an entrepreneur can have, but we managed to put a variety of books on the list, that treat different aspects of a successful business. Even if you decide to read only one book from the list, it will definitely help you a lot.

  1. Nicholas Bate: Instant MBA

The Instant MBA introduces you to business models, telling you to think critically and to improve your business. It will show you an MBA way of thinking, an action plan and a source of inspiration. The manual can be used as a source of ideas for applying in your business or for group training to improve your business.

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  1. Dale Carnegie: The Leader in You

In this book, you have the opportunity to learn about methods that will help you improve oral and written communication, and thus become a better communicator. Carnegie is considered a pioneer of the psychology of success and what we call the human potential management today, so his books are definitely a recommendation.

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  1. Steve M. Chazin: Apple Marketing

The author of this brief but informative publication reveals five marketing “secrets” of the world’s leading technology company – Apple. Using their example, find out how to attract customers, position products at the point of sale, send the right message to consumers, and many other useful things.

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  1. Zig Ziglar: Art of Sales

In the book Art of Sales, Zig Ziglar interprets the importance of building relationships with clients and how to achieve the goals of successful communication. Zig Ziglar is one of the renowned writers and motivational speakers, and he wrote bestsellers like “Born to Win,” “See You at the Top” and many others.

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  1. Paul Downs: Boss Life

Paul Downs writes the blog “You’re the Boss” for The New York Times in which readers may learn more about the success and horror of his custom-made furniture business. The book has discouraged many from starting up their own businesses, as there is no formula for success, as it is full of warnings against the “romanticization” of entrepreneurship. But the message of the book is refreshingly real: building and maintaining a successful business is terribly difficult and help should be sought wherever you can.

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  1. Dan Ariely: Predictably Irrational

Dan Ariely presents a variety of scientific but also amusing research, discoveries, and anecdotes about buying, eating, love, money, postponing obligations, beer, honesty, and other things by offering a look at the irrationality of everyday life. How do we think about money? Why do people raise mortgage loans that they cannot afford? Many other questions are answered in this book, making it one of the best books for entrepreneurs to read.

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