6 Homecoming Tips for Your High School Student

If your child hasn’t haven’t started talking about homecoming dance yet, you are already behind. This time of year is exciting, stressful and can feel like a make or break moment for their high school year, socially anyways. But don’t fret! We have a few tips to keep in mind as you get ready for homecoming.

1) If they don’t have a date, encourage them to go with friends.

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If they haven’t been asked yet, or if they are unsure if you will get asked, encourage them to plan the night with their single girl or guy friends. Make sure they don’t fret about having a date, because plenty of people go to homecoming without one. Most of all, they’ll have fun no matter what!

2) Splurge on a limo.

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Something about a limousine will make any night feel fancy and fun. Get a limo to take them to the dance. It’ll also be a great photo opportunity for you and other parents who are seeing their child off to the dance.

3) Test makeup and hair several nights before.

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The last thing you want is a hair and makeup disaster the night of the dance. Choose hair styles and makeup before the night of the dance and do a test run. Also, be sure they try out the spray tan as well.

4) Encourage them to attend homecoming week festivity.

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Homecoming is more than just a dance! It’s also a game night and week of festivities. Help your child show school spirit and encourage them to get into the mood of the week which will prep them for the dance.

5) Share what you have learned.

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Get fully informed about homecoming and the events beforehand and let your child know everything they can about what to expect. Also get the full details from your child about who they will be with and where everyone is going.

6) Plan for if things get out of hand.

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Things happen and sometimes your child will need to get out of the moment before it gets worse. Plan ahead for them to text you a code word or phrase so you’ll know to come pick them up. This will help them feel safe and not so stuck in a bad situation.

Most of all, encourage your child to have fun and relax and enjoy this time in their life while they have it!

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