6 Last Minute Moving Day Tips

If you waited until the last minute to pack up for your moving day, than you are not alone. Plenty of people do that. So, keep these moving day tips in mind if you are packing in short notice so that you can keep your sanity and your stuff in order.

1) Get the movers.

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If you haven’t already, find a mover in your area immediately. This is the first thing you should do before anything else. Talk at least three or four to get moving estimates and also research them as well. Make a decision fast too. (Consider Matco for your moving day needs especially!).

2) Donate.

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As you are packing, set aside the things you are willing to donate or give to a friend or neighbor who may want it. Do this room by room and make a pile that contains all the things you want to get rid of. If it is large pieces such as furniture you are willing to giveaway, contact local non-profits who may be interested in picking up this furniture for you. Also, research websites available to you in the area that allows you to list free items that people can come pick up.

3) Make a list of services you need to cancel or move.

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One vital moving day tip is to make sure your mail is going to your new address. Then make a list of all services you’ll need to move or cancel, such as cable, phone services, internet, water, electricity, and others. Also make sure you auto shipped items that you have scheduled are set to go to the new address.

4) Call in favors.

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Reach out to family and friends and offer food, snacks, coffee, beer, or donuts – whatever works – and get their help in packing up with you. Often times this is the fastest way of getting the help you need in getting ready for moving day. Have no one to ask? Go to TaskRabbit.com and hire someone to help you.

5) Hold onto the most important items.

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Keep your ID, passport, birth certificate, and other important documents with you at all times. Also pack things you know you’ll want immediately upon arrival to your new home, including clothes for bedtime, clothes for the next day, chargers, coffee pot (if you drink coffee), and any other essentials.

6) Photograph your boxes and what’s in them.

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In the midst of a last minute move, you don’t want to lose track of what is in each box and where it has gone. Photograph boxes as you put stuff in them and clearly label the box according to room and fragility. Photograph these boxes and label the photos as you move so when you unpack, you’re aware of where your things have gone.

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