6 Most Successful Investors in the World

Investing is a dangerous, yet effective way to build fortune for those who understand the game well. However, understanding the game and knowing exactly how to play it in your favour are far easier said than done.

The interesting thing about the so-called “winners” of the investment world is that they all approach their trade in a variety of ways. Some rely on new and innovative strategies, some fall back on well-practiced and guaranteed investments, and others follow their very own instinct to get by. No matter what, however, they all came out on top.

As such, here are several of the most successful investors who should be well known to any interested in investing.

1. Benjamin Graham

Ben Graham is one of the most successful investors in history. He is universally recognized as the father of two fundamental investing disciplines known as “Security Analysis” and “Value Investing,”. Needless to say, Graham has left a pretty sizable mark on the world of finance. He always excelled as an investment manager, as well as a financial educator.

He also imparted his wisdom into writings, as he authored several pieces that have been referred to as classics of significant importance to investors.


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2. John “Jack” Bogle

They say that success is born from failure. This was the case for Jack Bogle following a bad merger that left him unemployed and fired from at Wellington Management Company. This was made all the more painful due to the fact that he actually did quite well for himself there, even going so far as to rise through the ranks quickly in his time as an employee.

This low point in his career gave him the opportunity to create The Vanguard Group. Bogle went on to grow The Vanguard Group into the second largest mutual fund company, gaining quite a bit of recognition as he did.


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3. Christopher Sacca

Referred to as the “Venture Cowboy,” Christopher Sacca reached the rank of billionaire in 2007 following his founding of the venture capital firm, Lowercase Capital. This was quite the career advancement, as he began his career as an associate at Fenwick & West.

His great success stemmed from smart early investments in IT companies such as Twitter, Instagram, and Twillio, while also giving a little attention to other companies such as Blue Bottle Coffee and Truckee. Today, he is known as one of the most successful investors in the world.


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4. John Templeton

“He bought low during the depression, sold high during the internet boom, and made more than a few good calls in between.” These are the words that are often used to describe the masterful investor known as John Templeton.

Templeton created international investment funds that were some of the world’s largest and most successful in his time. He did so well for himself that Money Magazine referred to him as “arguably the greatest global stock picker of the century.” With all things considered, that may very well have been a true statement.


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5. Warren Buffet

As far as investors go, Waren Buffet is widely regarded as one of the most successful investors in the world. This is actually based on the initial sum of his capital compared to the incredible sum that he grew it to be.

He went from an investment job that earned him an estimated $12,000 per year and personal savings of $174,000, to being worth around $50 billion in total. However, the most impressive aspect of this success story is how he did it: By simply buying companies for a low price and building them in a variety of ways until they were worth fortunes in stock price.


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6. Carl Icahn

The investment career of Carl Icahn began as a Wall Street stockbroker in 1961. This was a good start for what would become an intensely successful lifetime of investment. Seven years after his initial job as a stockbroker began, he formed Icahn & Co. securities firm. As you can imagine, this company would help net him a small fortune in time.

Icahn also has majority or controlling positions in corporations such as Texaco, Western Union, Marvel Comics, and even Revlon. While this has helped Icahn develop a reputation as a ruthless raider of corporations, it is hard to argue that these strategies have not worked well for him.


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