6 Myths About Airport Limos You Should Ignore

Limousines are becoming increasingly popular and established limo services have been providing high-quality services to a variety of clients for many years. However, there are still some myths that exist regarding limo services.

1. Limousines Are Only for the Rich and Famous

It’s the 21st century, and many people these days use limo services on a regular basis. Many years ago, limousines were seen as a statement of class and wealth, affordable only by the rich and famous and reserved solely for their use. However, as society has progressed and is equalizing, limousines are no longer out of the reach for the middle-class worker, and many services are very affordable. So, next time you look at a limousine, don’t expect to see your favourite football player inside—it may just be your neighbour or a friend from the gym.

2. Limo Drivers Are Rude

Maybe it’s because of the professional, sophisticated, and upper-class outfits they wear while driving, but many people perceive limousine drivers as being rude or arrogant. Nothing could be further from the truth. Limo companies take great care when recruiting limo drivers, and they only hire the best.

Limo drivers are solely concerned with providing a safe and enjoyable ride to their clients. They do everything they can to help and serve the passengers, and they are also safe and careful drivers taking consideration for other road users.

3. Limousines Are Too Expensive

Again, this may have once been true many years ago when limos were a brand-new concept; however, this applies to any new product that is rare and unseen. It may also apply if you decide to choose to ride a limo alone as a mode of transport between work and the coffee shop, but that’s not why clients use limousines.

Especially if you’re using a limo with a group of colleagues or friends, it’s a reasonably priced mode of transportation. If you consider splitting the cost of the journey among five or 10 passengers, then the cost is just as reasonable as most taxi fares. The same is true if you have to go a long distance—oftentimes, it’s less expensive to ride in a limo than a taxi if you’re going somewhere far.

4. Limo’s Shouldn’t Be Driven on Highways

Limos can drive anywhere taxis or cars can drive, and this includes highways. If your journey consists of various highways, you shouldn’t discount this mode of transportation due to a persistent myth. For example, many people use limos to take them to airports these days, which requires them to drive on the highway.

5. Limousines Are Only for High-Profile Events

Limos are often used for special events, but these events do not have to be high profile. In fact, they are now more commonly used for the likes of birthday parties, bachelorette parties, weddings, and corporate parties. People also commonly use limos to get to and from the airport due to their convenience as well. You don’t need to be a star going to a red-carpet event to ride in a limousine these days.

6. Limos Harm the Environment

This is not true. Many established limousine companies are now offering high-quality transportation in all-new electric vehicles. Not only this but the limousine runs on a single engine just like any other car and so it emits the same amount of pollution as a standard car; however, as it is often transporting a large group of people, it is actually better for the environment than using separate taxis or cars.

Remember, you shouldn’t believe everything you hear. Do your research, try out limo services, and then create your own opinion. You’ll soon realize these six commonly held believes are, in fact, myths.

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