6 Quick and Simple Tricks for Improving iPhone Battery Life

Brace yourselves, iPhone owners, as we are going to present you some of the best quick and simple tricks for improving iPhone battery life, as we know that the struggle is real. How many times it actually happened to you that you need to go out, and your battery is only 30% or less? At that point, you just pray to God not to stay with your phone off and try to prolong the lasting of your battery as much as possible. It’s not always easy, being the reason why many people decide to buy power banks and have their phones charged on the way. In case you are not a power bank fan, you will have to think about the alternative ways on how to make your battery last longer, especially in critical situations. There are many things that your iPhone can do, and some of the them may be completely unfamiliar to you, so you should definitely focus on getting to know your phone better. For example, did you know that your phone might need the calibration service? Probably not, the same way you did not know about these quick and simple tricks for improving iPhone battery life, so make sure to get to learn more.

  1. Turn off the apps update in the background

This feature allows your mobile device to be always ready, and it deals with updating the most commonly used applications to get you the latest information the next time you open the application. For example, if you check your social networks at 10 am in the morning, your iOS device will eventually learn and update the images before 10. There is no need to emphasize that this feature will significantly waste your battery, so if you do not feel it necessary, you should turn it off.

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  1. Do not automatically update your apps

If you have iOS 7 software and later, your applications are being automatically updated. However, although useful, this option can greatly consume your battery life. Therefore, if you want to update the applications independently, click Settings then iTunes & App Store. Find “Updates” in the Automatic Downloads section and move the slider to Off.

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  1. Turn on Auto-Brightness

Thanks to ambient light sensors, your mobile device can adjust the brightness of the screen depending on the environment. If you turn on automatic light adjustment, your phone will consume fewer battery, and at the same time you will see better save your battery life.

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  1. Turn off Location

Although useful, the built-in GPS feature uses the data exchange network and consumes your battery. Therefore, if you do not normally use the Location Services option, perhaps the smartest choice would be to turn it off.

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  1. Turn off Bluetooth

The Bluetooth wireless system is designed and especially useful if you use wireless devices such as speakers or headphones. But data transfer requires a lot of energy, so if you do not use it to that point, you should definitely turn it off.

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  1. Turn off Data Push

Data Push notifications serve to automatically download emails or other important data to your account. This option can significantly reduce your battery life, therefore, if you turn it off, you can manually set periodic email checking and save your battery life.

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