6 Ways to Promote Safety in Underground Mining

Mining is an industry where workplace safety needs to be taken extremely seriously. Underground mining technology makes protecting your employees a bit easier; however, it’s still important to stay committed to promoting a culture of safety.

Being preemptive with your emphasis on security goes a long way to reducing accidents and increasing productivity. Check out these six ways you can promote safety in your underground mining company!

1. Conduct Regular Equipment Inspections

It’s essential to keep the equipment used in the mining process operating at a high level. The quality of your equipment affects the performance of the job in addition to the safety of your staff. Your equipment needs to be inspected before every job.

If you notice eroding materials, missing parts or just generally dilapidated equipment, it’s essential to put the job on hold until the equipment is replaced. It’s next to impossible for your team to do a quality job when hindered by subpar equipment.

Even the highest quality underground mining technology needs to be inspected before a job can start. No matter what you’re mining for, you only make the job more difficult without executing a proper inspection. Creating a dedication to equipment inspections is a great way to promote safety in your company.

2. Find Ways To Protect Your Staff

Miners are well aware of the dangers of the job, and it’s essential to do everything you can to protect them. Without your employees, it’ll be impossible to run your business. Consistently inspecting your resources is an excellent way to defend your employees from the harsh conditions of underground mining.

Focusing on prevention is one of the best ways to protect your staff. Closing unused shafts, buying protective equipment and exhausting dangerous gases from work areas are ways you can preemptively protect your employees.

3. Evaluate The Conditions Before Starting A New Project

No matter where you’re mining, assessing the situation before work starts is vital. Conducting an assessment before beginning the job ensures the job can be completed without anyone being put in jeopardy. Nature is unpredictable so it’s essential to plan ahead for as many possible complications as you can.

4. Make Respiratory Protection A Priority

Protecting the lungs of your staff needs to be a priority. No matter how much underground mining technology you have at your disposal, you still need to ensure your staff isn’t breathing in unwanted debris. Make sure your team has access to face masks at the bare minimum. Depending on the situation, you may need more advanced forms of protection such as a mask with a proper respirator and filter.

5. Create A Culture Where Compromises Are Unacceptable

Compromising standards is often the cause of sub-par performance. Mining is far too dangerous to leave things to chance. Enforcing high standards is essential to completing high risks jobs.

Another reason why you need to enforce high standards is to help your company stay compliant with industry regulations. As a mining company, it’s essential to comply with the government regulations and rules to avoid serious penalties. It’s important to go above and beyond to ensure your staff and materials mined are protected.

6. Invest In Training Your Staff

Training is an essential part of operating underground mining technology at a high level. It’s easy for standards to drop if your company isn’t dedicated to preparing and training your employees. Your investment in training will show in increased efficiency and safer practices.

Your employees should be comfortable with all the pieces of underground mining equipment used in your process. You should feel confident that new employees are knowledgeable enough to complete their jobs safely after your training program.

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