7 Benefits of Lean Manufacturing

There are several benefits of lean manufacturing that a company can enjoy at various levels, such as commercial, industrial and financial benefits. However, before a company invests in any kind of project, major or minor, the potential benefits must be weighed against the costs.

In other words, it has to make perfect sense and there must be proof of both short-and-long-term benefits. Once the company decides that lean will make a significant and positive change, then it is worth implementing. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of lean manufacturing.

1. Improvement In Quality

In a lean environment, a lot of work is put into improving quality. Whenever a quality problem crops up, using problem solving methods can try to identify the issue. Mistake proofing is implemented so that a similar occurrence is prevented from happening. This makes sure that the quality of your product is greatly enhanced.

2. Enhanced Visual Management

Management by sight is another benefit of lean management. When performed properly, it is easier to evaluate the entire area of your plant. Anything that is not right will easily stand out making it simpler to spot a problem.

3. Improved Efficiency

The method of line balancing makes sure that everyone is working in an optimal manner. Standardized work ensures that everyone is performing it properly, always using the same method. It allows for repeatability as well as increased efficiencies.

4. Reduce Manpower

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of lean manufacturing, from a company’s point of view, is the ability to do more with less manpower. As a result of increased efficiencies and standardized work, it is very feasible to undertake tasks with less people. The employees who have been freed up are not necessarily laid off, but they can undergo small changes to increase skill levels to perform other duties as well as maintain any systems that have been implemented.

5. Easier Management

Since staff know what and when something is needed, due to work instructions and standardization, Material handling solutions become much easier to manage an area despite problems still coming up. However, in a team environment, it becomes much easier to handle and rectify these issues because of support groups who are there to lend a hand.

6. Lean Not Just For Select Few

Lean is not something that involves just a few people, or certain people who are specifically selected. It means that the whole company is involved. This is because it isn’t specifically targeting any one area. The management philosophy is meant to include every area of the organization. This is important because no matter who you are or what you do, every member of the company is made to feel important as a valued team member.

7. Work Environment Is Safer

Since visual management can spot if anything is not right, these can then be dealt with or have risks removed. This not only makes things more organized but it also improves the safety of the work environment.

One thing you can expect is an improvement of the morale in your employees, but don’t expect this to happen quickly. It will take time but it will eventually happen, since it will take time for employees to accept the philosophy or concept of lean. Eventually, as it grows, everyone starts to feel like they are contributing and this leads to job satisfaction.

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