7 Common Hurdles Most Businesses Face (and How to Fix Them!)

Is your business going through a difficult patch when trying to implement a strategy, technology, or anything else? This does not have to be the case, especially if you hire implementation consultants to troubleshoot implementation hurdles.

In fact, the very survival of your business depends on the ability to effectively implement business processes and realign operations for optimal efficiency. Below are some of the common challenges that implementation consultants can help you troubleshoot.

1. Sustainability and Resources

Human resources, funding, and technology can be challenges during the early days of your business. Funds are especially a challenge during this time. To leverage resources, an implementation consultant can link you to a network of stakeholders for access to resources and support.

2. Geographic Limitations

Your location can be a huge challenge during implementation. Besides, being geographically isolated comes with other challenges that make implementation very difficult. Depending on the depth and scope of your operations and the implementation scale of desired changes, the location of your business can greatly impede implementation. Transportation issues such as access to consumers can compound the situation further.

In such a scenario, an implementation consultant can assist you in coming up with an implementation strategy that factors transport availability and travel times. They may also have to explore the possibility of using technology to offer remote services.

3. Staff Recruitment

Staff recruitment can be a huge challenge during implementation. Even with the most stringent recruitment strategy, unqualified staff are likely to slip through the hawk-eyed scrutiny of a recruiter. An implementation consultant can advise on whether to go for regular paid staff, students or retired experts.

Besides, it is important that you only recruit those that meet the requirements of your business. This is usually not an easy exercise. It requires recruitment expertise that an implementation consultant can bring on board.

4. Difficulty Reaching Target Markets

If your target population is transient and highly mobile, reaching them can be quite the challenge. For instance, if you are providing health care to populations that keep moving from one location to another at various times of the year, your implementation strategy must factor in these peculiarities. An implementation consultant should provide you with implementation strategies that deal with different scenarios.

5. Cultural Barriers and Social Issues

A programme can face implementation challenges arising from cultural and social issues that may impede its chances of succeeding. Such issues could include long-held cultural and social beliefs, traditions, and mistrust. It is therefore important that programme implementation consultants study the target population and identify such issues with a view to addressing them through mitigating strategies.

One way of doing this is by having key members of the target population at every stage of the implementation process. This can encourage participation, minimize resistance and promote cultural competency. Implementation consultants may have to adapt communication materials to make them culturally appropriate.

6. Language

If your business is targeting a diverse population, such as an immigrant population, your staff need to be conversant with their language or be accompanied by a local who understands the language and can interpret whenever needed. You should also be sensitive about offending their culture or social norms in any way. This is a challenge that only highly competent implementation consultants can help your business surmount.

7. Keeping Everyone Motivated

It can be quite a challenge to keep everyone motivated and excited about the programme. You therefore need to make sure that the implementation staff are appropriately remunerated and have the right tools to perform their duties competently.

Besides providing awareness and educating the targeted population will keep them informed and motivated enough to cooperate with implementation consultants. Once they understand the relevance of the program and its impact on their wellbeing, they are likely to be very cooperative.

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