7 Decorating Tips for RV Owners

Love your RV but want it to feel more like home? Well, it’s possible! Consider these few tips when you are decorating your RV. You can feel at home on the road in no time.

1) Add the right lighting.

Credit: Pixabay
Fameless candles and LED candles can add the right ambience to your RV. Add some to your bathroom to make it feel homey.

2) Add your own quirk.

Credit: Pixabay
Whether it’s vintage items or collectibles you have stored, adding your own flair to an RV can give it the swag it needs. Consider giving it a retro vibe if you love 70s decor or even things like this retro coca cola fridge. 

3) Add some plants.

Credit: Pixabay
Greenery is a sure way of making your RV space feel special. Buy easy to care for plants such as aloe vera or peace lily, among some other choices. They spruce up a living area easily and are an expensive decoration.

4) Get decorative dishes.

Credit: Pixabay
Your cups, plates, bowls and other dishes can also be a reflection of your personality and taste. Choose custom designed wine glasses with your names engraved for fancy occasions (get stemless which aren’t as easy to break) and get decorative plates that you keep properly stored while on the road. 

5) Choose bright colors.

Credit: Pixabay
When selecting pillows and blankets choose bright colors for pillows, blankets, and rugs. This will really make the setting stand out and make it more fun.

6) Get carpeting.

Credit: Pixabay

Yes, you can get carpeting for your RV. Make sure you choose something dark colored to hide stains (which are easily noticeable with light colored carpeting). It’s also possible to install yourself if you know what you are doing. 

7) Display souvenirs.

Credit: Pixabay
Maybe you have a habit of collecting magnets or shot glasses. Maybe you are a photo bug. But display your souvenirs you have collected along the way. There are a variety of ways you can do this safely and at low cost. 
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