7 Different Types of Leather Wallets

Leather is not only durable and long-lasting, but it also has a stylish look, smooth feel, and great scent. Many people are tempted to save money and buy a faux leather wallet, but it really isn’t worth the savings when you will have to replace your wallet in a short amount of time.

By investing in a real leather wallet, you can rest assured that it will serve you for many years and become a stylish accessory to every outfit you wear. Real leather portrays class and status and is also a good topic of conversation between owners. There are many different types of leather wallet colours and designs you can choose from. With so many options, you will find the perfect wallet that personally suit your needs and style.

Take a look below to read about the different types of leather wallet you could invest in.

1. Genuine Leather Wallets

Genuine leather wallets can be either bonded material or split grain. Bonded leather is made of various leather scraps bonded together to create a single piece, while split grain is the lower level of the dermis that has been cut away from the top grain.

Genuine leather is the most commonly bought type of leather wallet because it is affordable to most people. Many brands use this method of manufacturing to create “real leather” items at a low-cost price.

2. Full Grain Leather Wallets

Full grain means it has been made of the outermost layer of the skin. Full grain leathers are the most natural as they are not sanded or processed, meaning they retain their natural beauty and all the original markings of the hide.

A full grain leather wallet offers reliability, durability, strength, and a great appearance, as well as a mark of class.

3. Top Grain Leather Wallets

Unlike full grain leather wallets, top grain is subject to some sanding and processing, meaning they lose their natural markings. However, these types of leather wallets are still made from the outermost layer of the hide. This type of leather can be modified to look like the skin of different animals such as an alligator, and they also boast durability and strength just like full grain wallets. This might be a good option if you are looking for something a little more unique, but of good-quality and lasting materials.

4. Napa Leather Wallets

A Napa wallet is a full grain leather wallet that appears and feels soft and supple. These wallets are most often dyed various colours and can be found retailing with more high-end brands, meaning they are at the highest price range when it comes to leather wallets.  However, they are well worth the investment and make a sophisticated statement accessory.

5. Exotic Skin Leather Wallets

These types of leather wallets are made directly from any other animal apart from cow hide, such as alligators, ostriches, snakes, lizards, and eels. If you are looking for a unique wallet that can become a talking point, then go for something like this. It will stand out while also being durable and reliable in terms of the material.

6. Man-Made Leather Wallets

Man-made leather is made from a composition of plastic, rubber, or synthetic components, which are bonded together onto a fabric backing. They are known as synthetic leather items and should not be confused with real leather as they do not compare in terms of strength or image.

7. Suede Leather Wallets

Suede is often created from the skin of pigs or lambs and is applied on top of leather to create a more textured finish rather than the smooth or shining appearance of other leathers. Suede items are soft to hold while also being very supple, so they are great materials for men’s accessories.

When it comes to leather, you can’t beat an authentic leather wallet and you won’t regret investing in one!

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