7 Famous Celebrity Weight Loss Success Stories

For a great deal of the world’s population, obesity is a real problem. Between stress, easily obtainable fatty foods, and treats that simply taste wonderful, it’s pretty easy to find yourself on the wrong end of the scale. The good thing about being overweight, however, is that it can absolutely be fixed in most cases.

Of course, weight issues wouldn’t be a problem if shedding the pounds were as easy as saying that. Losing weight takes a great deal of effort, patience, and dedication, which are three things that are spread thin in the modern day. Because of this, support and inspiration are vital tools in the struggle to get healthy. What better way to find inspiration than to look to seven well known people who have won their battle and prove that victory is possible?

There are many inspirational celebrity weight loss stories with incredible results. These seven famous weight loss success stories will serve as inspiration for your own journey:

1. Drew Carrey

Drew Carrey has one of the best weight loss success stories that will bring a tear to your eye. From his hit sitcom of the 90’s to his current role as the host of CBS’ The Price is Right, Drew Carrey has built a career on being an approachable everyman with plenty of jokes. However, not many people know that Carrey was actually a member of the United States Marine Corps Reserve for six years. Naturally, he was in tip-top shape during those years before pursuing comedy.

Following his Reserve days and humourous success, Carrey gained a significant amount of weight until he decided to make a change in 2010. What’s his celebrity weight-loss secret, though? None other than cutting back on sugary sweets and beer, and staying adequately active in life. This weight loss success story has an inspirational ending, since Carrey has lost over 100 pounds after his life chance. To this day, he is in great shape and remains as healthy as ever.


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2. Al Roker

Sometimes, losing weight isn’t quite as easy as making a simple life change. There are plenty of people in the world who could use a little jump start in order to kick off their healthiness campaign. Al Roker was one of these people when he chose to have a weight loss surgery that brought him down to a manageable size.

However, Roker wasn’t done yet. Following the operation, he lost 150 more pounds and decided that he would never allow himself to make the mistakes he did in his youth. He achieved this goal by mixing exercise with a high-protein, low-carb diet. He then wrote a book about his weight loss success journey that would hopefully help someone out in their own struggle with health.


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3. Ruben Studdard

Naturally, weight loss operation may not be a viable solution for everyone, but they may still need help. Former American Idol singer Ruben Studdard is a good example of someone who accepted help to change his life. Studdard has one of the most public weight loss success stories, since he had the unique experience of going on a reality show helped train him to be better.

Precious few people will have the chance to go on a weight loss reality show, but the average person can still get assistance from a personal trainer, if needed. In Studdard’s case, the training he received started him off with a weight loss of 39 pounds, which he then raised to 104 pounds himself. The training stuck, however, and he did not stop there, as he continues to fight for fitness to this day.


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4. John Goodman

Another 90’s sitcom star, John Goodman has shown his acting chops on both the big and small screens. One of his most notable roles, playing Dan Conner on Roseanne, often poked fun at the actor’s intimidating size. While it may have not gotten to him at the time, he did end up being afraid of seeing himself in the mirror years later.

This prompted him to make a change in life, wherein he put a permanent end to his binge eating habits and began exercising whenever life would allow him to. The effects of this weight loss success story are apparent as he looks and feels terrific.


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5. Kelly Osbourne

As the daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne is no stranger to fun. However, she realized that getting in shape does not necessarily have to be a boot camp experience when she went on the reality show Dancing With the Stars. While the training regimen for that show is pretty grueling sometimes, dancing can be an inherently fun hobby.

Following the show’s successful effect on her weight, she decided that she wanted to keep the pounds off. Therefore, she began working with a trainer to keep herself healthy and has changed up her diet for the better. Her weight loss success story serves as an inspiration for women everywhere.


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6. Chris Pratt

Some people want to get healthy for their own sake, some people happen to stumble upon a fun, healthy lifestyle, and Chris Pratt gets healthy to be a superhero.

The typically comedic actor spied an open role for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and eagerly auditioned for the character, bringing his classic humour and energy to the audition. He was a perfect fit in personality, but his overall build simply didn’t match at all. Pratt was told to get himself into shape, and he could have the role, however.

The actor immediately started on an admittedly intense workout plan that required a great deal of dedication and seriousness to handle. In doing so, he lost 60 pounds in six months and put on a heavy amount of muscle before finally landing the now iconic role. This makes him a perfect example of a how far the human spirit can push itself when a person wants something enough.


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7. Melisa McCarthy

On the other end of that spectrum, however, is Melisa McCarthy. Sure, she did desire to be healthy, but the thing that she says worked for her was to simply stop thinking about it. The actress prevented herself from focusing on her health and weight while simultaneously making big life changes that led to her relaxing into a healthy lifestyle.

Since then, McCarthy has appeared in many television shows and written books detailing her weight loss success stories. She is also one of the famous celebrity chefs promoting healthy foods, meals, and diets.

For some people, over-analyzing weight loss may make the struggle seem impossible. For those people, taking action instead of thinking may be the trick that leads them away from obesity.


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