7 Inexpensive Design Tips When Renting Your Home

While you are technically living somewhere owned by someone else, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make your rental your own. The smallest of design and style in your home can make you feel happy as soon as you walk in the door. Whether you are renting condos in Toronto or a small apartment in Seattle, you can make your home your own, even if you rent.
1) Paint.
Photo by Pixabay Creative Commons
A splash of color makes all the world of difference. Check with your landlord and look over your lease or rental agreement to find out what you can actually do, but paint your rental the color you feel is suitable for your life. Add some accent walls and trim. This is just the first step at making this your space and color can make a world of difference.
2) Colorful area rugs.
Photo by Pixabay Creative Commons
This is the safest route to take when wanting to decorate a rental. First you don’t have to worry about installing carpet and you don’t have to worry about what things will look like after you leave. Grab a few colorful area rugs and place them around your apartment – bedrooms, living rooms, and even the kitchen. This will add a splash of color and comfort.
3) Curtains.
Photo by Pixabay Creative Commons
Window treatments are another great way to add a splash of your own personality into an otherwise bland space. Most rentals come with blinds so put your own curtains right over them. Plus if you get black out curtains they will help reduce the amount of heat you experience in the summer as well as keep you warm in the winter. Double win!
4) Art.
photo by Pixabay creative commons
Adding art is an important way to decorate without much damage. Find art hangers that are damage proof, although pay attention to their weight, especially if you have a framed art piece you want to hang.
5) Add lighting.
Photo by Pixabay Creative Commons
Whether it’s cabinet lighting, or well design lamps, add lighting that makes your space your own. If you are removing lighting that was installed before you moved in, make sure you keep everything and keep it stored somewhere that it won’t be disrupted or moved.
6) Buy plants.
Photo by Pixabay Creative Commons
Don’t have a green thumb? It’s okay. No matter your skills in the garden, there are plants out that are easy to take care of, even if you decide on a cactus. If you still aren’t convinced, buy cheap flowers at the grocery store that you purchase regularly to enhance the life in your home. These small touches make a difference.
7) Add blankets and pillows.
Photo by Pixabay Creative Commons
Nothing like a good throw pillow right? Throw pillows can not only be the pillow you cry on during a sad movie, they can also be a necessary pop of color added to your living room. Be sure to also invest in colorful, soft throw blankets as well.
Hopefully with these tips in mind you can start decorating your space even if you are renting your apartment, home or condo.
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