7 Living Room Décor and Furniture Trends for 2019

The living room is your home’s centrepiece.

It captures your sense of taste and style and elevates your décor to insane levels. One of the key fixtures of your living room décor is furniture. While some prefer classic or antique, others go for modern futuristic living room trends that speak to their sense of style.

Already, 2019 is proving to be quite the trendsetter. During one of the most prestigious furniture fairs in the world, Salone del Mobile, held in Milan towards the end of 2018, spotlighted furniture pieces featured a blend of historical and futuristic designs, nature and sophisticated technology.

Whatever your style, 2019 promises to be an exciting year for your living room décor and furniture. Below are some of the living room trends set to rule in 2019.

1. Reupholstered Sofas

The living room is not complete without a comfortable sofa. For years, Roche Bobois has been pushing for the adoption of reupholstered sofas, but no one has so far listened. However, in 2019, this design will break into the furniture market with a bang. It’s time to start looking for your favourite fabrics and seek the services of a skilled upholsterer.

2. Brown Leather

Another trend set to continue in 2019 is the use of brown leather on furniture. This is a unique and timeless design that does not go out of fashion. It combines warm and cold colours. Although a bit pricey, your one-off investment will serve you for a long time.

3. Sculptured Coffee Tables

2019 trends for coffee tables will be dominated by artistic designs that can stand as individual pieces of art. This trend started to gain momentum in 2018. Expect unique and bold artistically designed coffee tables in 2019 and beyond. The next time you sit down to have your favourite cup of coffee, your attention will likely be drawn to the artistic design.

4. Use of Small Furniture and Accessories

To make your living room feel cozy and look beautiful, small furniture and appropriate accessories are becoming highly popular. You can enliven the lonely space at the corner of your living room by using a combination of special lights and plants. This will make your living room come alive.

5. Blending Furniture with Vintage Elements

Vintage furniture are always on trend and will never go out of style. You can add a touch of vintage to your existing furniture to make your living room look unique. For instance, placing a retro radio on an auxiliary table blends modernity with the past in a unique and compelling way. Be creative and think of other vintage details you can blend with your existing furniture. These could include a striking antique vase into which you can place beautiful flowers or plants.

6. A Dedicated Reading Corner with an Articulated Reading Chair

To give your living room a chic, romantic touch, create a reading corner and furnish it with a comfortable reading armchair and an artistically designed table. To round it off, get an antique lamp that emits a dim light to illuminate the text on your book. As you immerse into your reading, the picture of a lone figure contently reclining in a comfortable armchair, and a steaming cup of coffee nearby, is the stuff that artists like Pablo Picasso would love to immortalize.

7. Minimalist Eco-Friendly Designs

2019 will also continue to feature minimalist eco-friendly furniture designs that evoke an outdoor atmosphere.

When buying furniture, the main consideration should be comfort and elegance. Future living room trends will not deviate from this feature. However, individual tastes and sense of style will continue to dictate trends in 2019.

Furniture and living room décor trends in 2019 will have one eye on the retro, another on modernity, and yet another on futuristic trends. Whatever your style, 2019 will feature unique, stylish, elegant furniture, and the kind of living room décor that would take your breath away.

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  • Joy Butler

    Brown leather is gorgeous. I would love to incorporate it into my home. I will have to look out for some cool leather pieces to work in my home.

    • Juliet Bennett

      Agreed! I love the look of brown leather furniture pieces in my apartment – it just adds a certain oomph to my living space!

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