7 Marketing Tips for your Blog

Every blog is started with the best of intentions, however, without the right marketing strategy, any blog can fall by the wayside and lose traction with its readership. With the right marketing strategy, you can make an ordinary blog, extraordinary. Where do you begin though? We have for you seven marketing tips that you can use for your blog. In the meantime, if you are in need of professional SEO services and are near the Toronto area, be sure to contact these SEO experts.

1) Get to know your reader.

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Most of all, understand who you are writing for. Is your blog about fitness? Motherhood? Starting a new business? You don’t necessarily have to narrow down your niche – although that helps – getting to know exactly who your audience is will help you in self-promotion and advertising.

2) Get to know SEO.

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Your eyes may glaze over at the idea of SEO and optimizing content, but it’s an important part of making sure you show up in Google search results. If you are unfamiliar with SEO, reach out to an expert. There are SEO services in the Toronto area that will help you in target your audience.

3) Submit guest posts on other blogs.

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An excellent way of getting new readers and also promoting yourself as an expert is to write guest posts for other bloggers. Research bloggers that represent where you want to be with your blog in the future and offer to write content for their blog in the form of a guest post. It’s a great way to gain exposure as well as improve your blog’s ranking in Google search results.

4) Create quality content.

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Quality is far superior to quantity. Don’t simply produce blog post after blog post without thinking of how your readers can benefit off of what they are reading. By focusing on quality, it also makes it easier to promote your blog and gain a readership that trusts you.

5) Develop your social media.

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You don’t need to be on every social media account, but it helps if you are a few that target your audience. Most bloggers should be on Twitter, but if you are more of an image focused blogger, also make sure you are on Instagram. Narrowing the focus of your social media also helps you in maintaining these accounts.

6) Promote older content.

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If you’ve blogged for a few years, don’t forget about that content you wrote when you first started your blog. If this content doesn’t reflect your skill level at present, be sure to go back and update it. This content is still valuable and can be used when promoting your blog.

7) Build relationships with other bloggers.

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The blogging community is incredibly supportive. Reach out to other bloggers over social media or even in Facebook groups and offer to share each other’s content. Comment on their blog posts as well and become a regular reader. Building this community is key to your own blog’s success.

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