7 Popular Myths About HVAC Systems

Ensuring that the HVAC system inside your commercial property is running efficiently and safely is of the utmost importance to any building manager or owner. It is vital that any HVAC system is installed correctly and regularly maintained. The sooner a problem can be identified the cost to fix or replace anything will be significantly cheaper compared to letting a problem fester.

There are a lot of misconceptions about HVAC systems and how to care for them, for that reason we have compiled a list of some of the myths out there that you may or may not have heard of. When it comes to the proper care of your HVAC system, knowledge is power.

1. Air filters last forever, they may look dirty but they’re doing their job

The reason they look dirty is because, quite frankly, they are! Dust, dirt and moisture build up in air filters and the quality of air inside the building will suffer as a result. The quality of the air can affect everything from employee performance to the how efficiently the machinery in your building runs. By replacing the air filters in your commercial exhaust fans, on a regular basis you can enjoy cleaner, filtered air throughout your building.

2. We can change the air filters ourselves

The truth is that you probably have more important things to do with your day than regularly inspecting and changing the air filters in your building. Even if you were able to set aside the time to do this, it is always better the have qualified HVAC personnel take care of this for you. This way you can be sure that the filters are properly installed and that they are able to filter the air as they are supposed to.

3. Setting the thermostat to the maximum will heat up the building faster

When you set the temperature on your thermostat, all it does it tell the heating or cooling system to activate until the desired temperature is reached. Setting the thermostat to the extremes of hot or cold may make you feel better, but it will not adjust the temperature any quicker than if you simply set it to a comfortable temperature.

4. Don’t turn off the AC when you leave for the day, it will take more energy to start up again!

You will always save money and energy when any equipment is turned off. However, if you are constantly asking the AC to warm up a building during a heat wave, this could put significant strain on the system. It is definitely worth investing in a programmable thermostat so that you are able to manage the temperature of your building, and your energy usage effectively.

5. It doesn’t matter where you put a thermostat

Thermostats read the temperature in the area of where they are placed. If you have put a heat source near to a thermostat it will give a false reading of the ambient temperature of the room, this is especially true in large open spaces such as factory floors and open concept office spaces.

6. I can save money by closing a vent in a room that is not in use

All you will do here is through of the balance of the HVAC system. Closing vents can also cause a build-up of pressure in the ductwork.

7. The HVAC system will take care of itself

You absolutely need to have regular maintenance performed on your HVAC system. This will prevent any small problems developing into costly larger ones. Regular cleaning of the ductwork and replacement of filters will also help to increase the efficiency of the HVAC system.

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