7 PR Methods to Maximize Media Coverage

Good media coverage does not come every so often. However, when it does, you should milk every bit of it dry. Seek to maintain momentum and capitalize on it. Whatever capital you can get from good publicity is good for your organization.

The trick is to make the coverage last as long as possible. The only problem is that people’s attention span in today’s digital era is very short. You could be in the news today and completely forgotten tomorrow.

There are however a number of tactics you can employ to reap maximum benefits from a media coverage.

1. Pay to Promote Your Earned Publicity

One of the best ways of getting value from a paid publicity campaign is through pay-per-click (PPC). PPC allows you to promote your earned media coverage to audiences beyond your physical location. If properly executed, a PPC campaign can push your company’s website to Google’s top ten search results in your business category or keyword. The beauty of this mode of publicity is that you only pay when a website visitor clicks through to your website. With improved visibility on Google comes greater chances of more sales and further exposure.

2. Boosted Facebook Posts

You can extend the reach of earned media coverage by sponsoring Facebook posts. This involves paying a small fee to boost the posts and extend their reach. You can schedule the posts to go out at specified dates and times for an even greater impact. You can also target your posts to the relevant demographics to increase quality engagement and action.

3. Share News of the Earned Media Coverage

Always keep good publicity rolling on. Redistribute the earned media coverage so that every employee is aware of it. Everyone in the company should be in on the good news. This is a wonderful time to foster teamwork and show staff that the good news is theirs too. Thank them for a job well done. As a result, they will be motivated and keen to attract even more positive media coverage for the company.

4. Encourage Employees and Clients to Share the Good News

Always serve good news in generous portions. Encourage employees and customers to share the good media coverage with everyone on their networks. If you do this right, you might even trigger a viral reaction that keeps the media coverage flowing from one wall to another, and retweeted across the internet. This keeps the conversation going and draws even more attention to your earned media coverage. As the news spread across social media platforms, there will be validation for your company’s PR efforts through positive comments and rave reviews.

5. Provide Screenshots of Your Media Coverage

Sometimes just talking about it does not drive the message home as much as showing it does. Provide screenshots of the media coverage exactly as it shows up on social media platforms and in search engines. If someone with huge following tweets about it, screenshot their tweet or retweet and highlight them on your website, social media pages, publicity materials, etc. Extract screenshots showing how Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. displayed your media moment. Your media success builds confidence among potential customers and encourages them to do business with you.

6. Highlight Memorable Quotes on Your Website and Social Media Outlets

If there are memorable quotes from the media coverage that poignantly stood out, feature them on your website, social media networks, and other publicity materials. Tag people and encourage as many of them as possible to share. The takeaway quotes are wonderful testimonials for your company and act as a stamp of your credibility.

7. Proudly Display the Media Coverage for Everyone to See

Prominently display your media coverage at strategic areas in your company’s premises. This reminds customers they are dealing with a reputable company that has won the acclaim of the media fraternity. It also boosts your employees’ morale by constantly reminding them how important their contribution to the company is.

A good media coverage moment is always fleeting unless you take measures to extend it by sharing it across social media networks and doing all you can to extend its online reach.

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