7 Pros & Cons of Using a Recruiter

A recruiting agency helps people find employment and helps companies find the perfect employees for jobs they need to fill. Companies hire a recruiting agency to do the dirty work of sorting through many applications for a job and paring down the applicants to a more reasonable number. Human resources departments don’t always have the time and ability to go through this process to find the most suitable candidates, so outsourcing this job to a recruiter is sometimes the best option. Read on to discover a few of the benefits of using a recruiter.

1. Save Time

Going through the hiring process can take a lot of time, especially the initial steps of browsing resumes. Managers and human resources specialists can hire recruiters to do the hard parts so they can run the company. When a recruiter comes on the job, he or she can go through the applicants so the company doesn’t have to. Once the applicants are reduced to a more manageable number, the shortlist can be passed off to the person in charge of hiring.

2. Have Access to a Wider Pool of Applicants

Recruitment agents will often have access to the best candidates for the job. This benefits companies because the perfect applicant might already be on the recruiter’s radar and he or she can connect the applicant with the company with very little effort on the part of the company.

3. Recruiters Have Ulterior Motives

Recruiters typically don’t get paid until they find the best applicant for the job, and a contract is signed between applicant and the hiring company. The recruiter wants to ensure the person recommended is the best possible person for the position. This means the recruiter will be meticulous and exacting, thus providing candidates he or she feels will be the best fit.

4. Do Fewer Interviews

As mentioned above, one of the biggest pros to hiring a recruiter is the fact that you will spend far less time interviewing candidates. This happens because the recruiter already has a list of potential applicants and also knows exactly what you’re looking for in an employee. This is also a benefit to applicants since they won’t waste time going to interviews for positions that wouldn’t be a good match.

5. Negotiate Salaries

As a manager or employer, you don’t want to get all the way through the hiring process and, having made the job offer, discover you and the candidate are miles apart on benefits and salary. A recruiter can help you determine what a reasonable salary and other remuneration is compared to other businesses in your industry. Furthermore, a recruiter can target candidates who match your needs along with expected salary and benefits. A recruiter can negotiate and help you both come to an acceptable package.

6. Flexible Options

A recruitment agency can help you by providing applicants as needed, on a part-time or full-time basis. Recruiters can also provide applicants suitable for interim positions. This may be needed to cover a worker who has gone off ill, on parental leave, or is absent for another reason. Recruiters will have access to a pool of applicants who are ready to start work right away, which decreases time waiting for candidates to give notice to former employees or who want to negotiate a start date later than when you want them to start.

7. Gain Insight

Recruiters spend the majority of their time offering staffing solutions to companies in a variety of sectors. For instance, accounting and finance recruiters will be able to scout qualified candidates among the best in their industries. They have expertise on the job market locally, nationally, and internationally, and employers can use this information to help plan their recruitment strategy.

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