7 Sprained Foot Symptoms and Treatment Options

You have been running non-stop for two hours. You have been wearing heels all day as you hop from cubicle to cubicle or table to table. You have been on your feet all day long.

This is life. But your life doesn’t need to be uncomfortable – quite the opposite actually!

Everyone gets aching feet once in a while. In addition to placing a lot of strain and stress on our back, we do the same with our feet, whether you’re an athlete or laying on your sofa is an extreme sport. But how can you tell the difference between a sprained foot and just mild pain with some discomfort?

Here are seven sprained foot symptoms:

1. Bruising

Initially, you will notice some discomfort in a part of your foot, but this discomfort could turn into bruising or swelling, which is caused by increased fluid in the tissue. You should not become overly concerned by this because it could either go away in a couple of days or you may need to seek medical care.

2. Pain in the Arch

Near the arch of your foot, there is moderate to severe pain. Depending on how long it lasts, or perhaps the severity of the discomfort, you might have a sprained foot, caused by something as benign as taking the wrong step or maybe the running has finally gotten to you.

3. Unable to Walk Without Pain

One of the most important signs of a sprained foot is when the pain is so bad that you are unable to walk. Or, if you do walk, then you need to endure a certain level of pain – and that is no fun for anybody.

If you are experiencing pain whenever you walk, it might be time to switch to a more comfortable pair of shoes. You may also be interested in wearing orthotics, which can help improve the comfort of your steps and strides.

4. Can’t Put Weight on It?

Your foot has either swelled so much or the pain is too much to bear that you cannot put any weight on it. Anytime you put any weight on your left or right foot, you need to immediately sit back down.

Here’s a question: Does it feel like you’re walking on pins and needles?

5. Warmth

It could be some warmth, or it could be some redness, or it could be a little bit of both. This is primarily caused by the increase in the flow of blood to the area.

6. Bony Bump in the Ankle

Do you notice a bony bump on each side of your ankle? That suggests that there is something the matter with your foot. It could be a sprain, or it could something a bit more damaging. When you notice a bony bump, especially after a week since you first started noticing the discomfort, then that is when you begin to see a physician.

7. Discomfort Continues After a Week

A week has gone by. Nothing has improved. In fact, the pain has gotten worse, but that is mostly because you decided to go for a two-hour run in the middle of winter. Should the pain still occupy that part of your body for a week, then it is time: seek medical care!

Of course, there are home remedies to either limit the discomfort or eliminate it entirely. Besides visiting a chiropractor for immediate treatment, here are three relief tips if you are suffering from sprained foot symptoms:

  • Ice Your Foot: Rather than take over-the-counter (OTC) medication, you could instead use a natural source: ice. But why? That’s easy enough to explain. Ice will reverse the increased blood flow to the injured part of your foot. It will prevent additional inflammation. The cold element will either instantly or almost immediately minimize the swelling and warmth.
  • Reduce Physical Activities: You know what you need? A good rest. By resting, you can prevent further complication and stress to the inflamed area. Do you want another trick? Put the ankle in brace or a splint. Whatever the case, at least you have an excuse to just sit at home, read Henrik Ibsen plays, and drink coffee.
  • Keep Your Foot Raised: When one of the best ways to alleviate a possible sprain is to elevate your foot as high as possible because your body will absorb the fluid that has leaked into the tissue. Two things. First, you should prop your ankle above the level of your heart. Second, use a recliner, which will make it a lot easier and more comfortable.

A sprained foot is no fun, particularly if you rely on your feet to get around. Whether you’re a dedicated runner or you walk everywhere you finally played squash after eight years of zero exercise, it is easy to sprain a foot. As long as you are able to identify the symptoms, employ the appropriate measures to remedy the situation, and get medical treatment when necessary, then there should be no need for complications or prolonged agony.

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