7 Tourist Activities You Will Love In Thailand

Thailand is an undeniably beautiful country. It’s filled with stunning beaches, relaxing countryside’s, culture, art and more. With all there is to see, travelers often struggle to decide. That’s why we’ve outlined 7 of the most popular travel activities to consider on your Thailand tours.

1. Food

Regardless of where your Thailand tours are planned, you are guaranteed to come across delicious food. Thailand is famous for its noodle dishes, fresh fruits, curries and rice. As a tourist, you may not know where to go to find authentic Thai food. That’s why you should consider taking a food tour. Oftentimes, you will be guided through local markets on your tour. It is here where your guides will explain the history behind famous dish before you try it. To avoid the heat caused by the mid-day sun, plenty of tours are also offered at night. Oftentimes you can find a local guide who will take you around the night markets to enjoy some memorable cultural flavors.

2. Diving

Thailand has some of the most stunning beaches in the world. To experience the beauty first hand, you should consider taking a diving tour. Diving tours can vary from half day adventures to two or three-day excursions. On the tour you will be accompanied by a local guide who will help you master the skill while guiding you through the islands.

3. Beaches

If you want to experience all the beaches that Thailand has to offer, but don’t want to worry about scheduling consider signing up for a beach tour. These tours will take you by boat with a local guide to the most famous beaches. Your guide will show you around the beach, give you a brief history of it and allow you time to enjoy it on your own. This tour is a great way for travelers to experience multiple destinations in a short amount of time.

4. Temples

Thailand is packed full of stunning temples. Because the temples in Thailand are filled with so much history, culture and art it is best to be accompanied by a guide. A tour guide will be able to transport you from each of the locations and spend time with you explaining the significance.

5. Nightlife

If you are traveling alone or looking to add excitement to your holiday consider a nightlife tour in Bangkok. On this tour, you’ll have a local act as your tour guide. They’ll spend the night taking you to all of the best spots. These tours are an easy way to meet new people and see what Thai nightlife has to offer.

6. Wildlife

Thailand is famous for being home to exotic animals. The most famous animal that tourists tend to visit are the elephants. To experience these animals up close, you should consider booking a tour. On these tours, a guide will take you through a sanctuary or camp where you will be introduced to the elephants up close. Your guide will explain the story of the animals, handling practices and care. From there you will be able to spend the day up close and personal with the creatures.

7. Trekking

If you are looking for an adventure, you should consider a trekking tour. Trekking tours available in Thailand can vary in length and intensity. Prior to booking, you should consider how experienced you are and choose a trekking tour that compliments it. On the trek, your guide will navigate you through the lush scenery, giving you a chance to experience Thailand’s beauty up close.

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