7 Ways to Remove Moving Stress During the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time under the best of circumstances but add a move into your busy schedule and life can quickly turn into complete chaos.

While most people avoid moving during the festive season, there are times when it just cannot be avoided. If you are relocating during this hectic time, these tips will help you get through your move and the holidays in one piece.

1. Plan Ahead

The sooner you plan the less stress you will have as the date gets closer. The holiday season is a busy enough time so staying on top of your move will help reduce the rush and disorganization when the big date actually arrives.

2. Declutter and Donate

At this time of year, charities and other groups are looking for gently used items to give to those in need. Before you move get rid of what you no longer need by donating your unwanted material possession to charity. You can declutter and help others at the same time.

3. Look for Savings

The sooner you plan your move, the more likely you will find a good deal on services and materials to help you with your relocation. The holiday season is pricey enough without adding the cost of moving to the bills. Where ever possible, try to save your money by using boxes that companies are discarding, looking for the best rental company and price, enlisting the help of volunteers, and organizing your belongings so packing is done more quickly.

4. Prepare for the Weather

The winter season is a much colder and snowier season. It can also be very unpredictable as temperatures drop and snow storms can develop. If you are planning your relocation during the winter, it is important to plan for the weather. Dress appropriately, protect your furniture with coverings, and use anti-skid surfaces to help reduce the risk of injury or damage to your stuff.

5. Pack Seasonal/Holiday Boxes Last

Once you have transferred into your new place, there are several things you are going to want to unpack right away. Your holiday decorations and gifts being just some of the much needed essentials. You’re your seasonal products last so you can access them more easily in your new place.

6. Don’t Plan the House Parties Yet

Avoid planning festive house parties in your disorganized abode. It can be really easy during the winter schedule to book events in your new home without thinking about the big picture or timeframe. With so much going on and days just flying by, it is easy to get caught up in the holiday event planning. Rather than add to your stress, leave the inhouse celebrations for January when you have more time to get your place ready for guests.

7. Send Address Updates As Early As Possible

This time of year, sees more mail and parcel deliveries than other seasons. Send your updated mailing announcements out to professional and personal contacts sooner rather than later to help ensure that your holiday cards and parcels arrive at the right destination. When doing online shopping, use the address that you will want the parcels to arrive at to ensure you receive them.

If there is a risk that your online orders might end up at the wrong place, rent a mailbox to make sure you do not lose any purchases or holiday greetings.

Moving is a stressful event during any time of year but is even more so during the holiday season. If your relocation is unavoidable at this time, there are steps you can take to reduce the additional anxiety during this busy, festive season.

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