7 Ways to Survive Your Beginner Dance Class

Your first beginner dance class can feel like your first day in college. You are excited and apprehensive all at the same time. Everything looks new and you are not sure who among your fellow students are going to end up being your closest friend. Nevertheless, you know deep down you have a right to be here, and the earlier you get rolling the better.

To survive your first day as a beginner dance student, the following advice could come in handy.

1. Wear the Right Gear

The first thing you need is to establish the right attire for the dance class. This will help you overcome the fear of looking out of place even before you hit the dance floor. This is an easy problem, though. All you need is to call or email the studio or the dance instructor and ask him or her what you are supposed to wear. If you do not have the recommended attire, ask what other alternatives are available to you.

2. Make YouTube Your Friend

Run to YouTube or other online video portal and watch a couple of videos of the class in session a day before your first session. Search beginner classes you are interested in. You will be pleasantly surprised by the Google results you get.

3. Don’t be Ashamed to Ask for Extra Help

You will not be in a beginner dance class if you are an expert. Ask for extra help if necessary so you can master some of those seemingly difficult routines you saw the other day while watching the beginner videos. It can be fun watching videos later and telling yourself: “I can do that!”

4. Make Failure Your Friend

You are likely to fail a lot before getting better at dancing. Don’t let failure knock out your passion for dancing. It does not matter how many times you fail. What matters is that you keep practicing until you get better at it. While at it, make fun of your failures and use them to step up your practice. Prepare for potential failure and be cool about it; then get back up and give it another attempt.

5. Be Attentive to Dance Vocabulary

Words such as step, rock step, and pulse actually mean something. They are not mere embellishments but actual instructions you are supposed to implement. Note which of these words require further investigation or attention instead of just ignoring them. Don’t be overwhelmed by an avalanche of new terms. Even if you don’t fully comprehend the vocabulary, get in and just do it. Word clarity will soon follow.

6. Ask a Question – after Class

Unless your instructor invites questions, limit them to just one after the class. Seek to connect with your instructor on a personal level by showing more than average interest in the class. The instructor is likely to focus more on you if you show interest, and asking the right question after the class is a good indication that you have more than average interest.

7. Don’t Forget to Breathe – Your Life Depends on It!

People tend to hold their breath when stressed. If you are trying a difficult routine which you can’t seem to hack, you might be tempted to hold your breathe or experience bursts of irregular breathing. This is not a good habit. Constantly remind yourself to breathe. Take a deep breathe and exhale freely. This practice resets your body and instantly reduces your stress level.

Your first beginner dance class experience can be a pleasant one if you follow these tips. Always remind yourself that your instructor was once a beginner like you. Whatever routine you are struggling with, remember there are many others like you going through the same motions. Keep up your humour and enjoy the experience, and remember that everything becomes easy with practice.

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