8 Different Types of Fall Arrest Anchors

Fall arrest anchors are required when workers are exposed to a fall hazard. These anchors are a vital piece of safety equipment that prevent falls. Because they work to prevent falls, they have the potential to save lives. Not only does this piece of equipment save lives, but it can help to minimize the dangers of falling.

This is why, we’ve outlined below the different types of fall arrest anchors you should use on a job. That way, your site and workers remain safe regardless of the task.

1. Commercial Roof Anchors

Commercial roof anchors are specially designed anchors. These anchors are typically used on flat roofed commercial buildings. The majority of commercial roof anchors use a weighted anchor point that can be moved. However, some buildings have a permanent anchor fixture. Doing this can provide the building with long term safety assistant if a worker needs to tie off in the future.

2. Residential Roof Anchors

Residential roof anchors come in a variety of types. These types of anchors are typically designed to be fixed to wood. As such, they can easily be fixed to the wood frame typically used on residential roofs. These anchors also give the homeowners the option of fixing them to the roof or removing after a single use. Choosing the permanent options is a preferred method for homeowners that intend to use it frequently.

3. Standing Seam Roof Anchors

This type of anchor is unique because it does not need to be fixed into a material. Despite the fact that it does not require to be fixed, it still provides the user with a great deal of fall protection. A standing seam roof anchor typically uses a clamping mechanism to hold it in place. This mechanism is designed to pinch the seam of a roof for stability. Once the mechanism is clamped, the worker is able to tie off and complete the job.

4. Window and Door Anchors

Window and door anchors are typically used in buildings that are difficult to attach an anchor to. This is typically done in pre-existing structures that require work after construction. This mechanism is used by attaching directly a door or window frame. Doing so does not create any damage to building and keeps the worker safe.

5. Concrete Anchors

Concrete anchors are another type of specialty anchor used to keep workers safe. These anchor types are typically used to connect to concrete decking or posts. Certain types of anchors can be imbedded into the concrete during the construction phase. Once construction is complete, these types of anchors can be drilled into it for workers to frequently use.

7. Metal Decking Anchors

Many workers in construction come across metal decking. Into his case, it is important to use metal decking anchors to ensure the safety of the worker. Metal decking anchors have been specifically developed to attach to this type of material. They are often used on new buildings, and in the initial phases of construction.

8. Structural Anchors

Structural anchors can be attached to beams, and other structural materials during the construction phase of a building. These types of anchors provide workers with a great deal of portable protection. That’s because, these anchors can easily be attached and removed to a beam. Whereas other anchors require a worker to bolt, attach or clamp to another piece of material, structural anchors provide a portable solution. Structural anchors therefore provide workers with safety without impeding on their productivity.

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