8 Different Types of Windows You Can Buy for Your Home

It’s said the eyes are the window to the soul. When you come to think about it, windows allow us to clearly see the world around.

From the comfort of your home, all you need to do is look out of your window to see the world outside—the trees, the sunlight, the people on the street.

Windows come in various shapes and sizes. Every window type is built to serve a particular purpose, which is almost always to shelter those inside without denying them the pleasure of seeing the beauty of the world outside.

Let’s now look at a few types of windows you can purchase for your home.

1. Awning Windows

These are perhaps some of the most exquisite types of vinyl windows you can get on the market today. They come in sleek, contemporary designs that guarantee efficiency, making them ideal for most homes.

Awning windows feature a multiple-chamber design and a compression seal. They open outwards and are hinged at the top. This allows air to come in even when it’s raining. They are usually used together with other window types and sometimes mounted higher up to provide privacy. They are easy to close and open.

2. Casement Windows

For complete top-to-bottom ventilation, casement windows are highly recommended. They open outwardly either to the left or the right to let in fresh air. Due to the fact that they open easily, they are often mounted above the kitchen sink or anywhere else you need to have easy reach to the window.

3. High Fix Windows

A fixed window resembles an awning or a casement window without the vent. These types of windows are usually used together with vented windows. They cannot be opened or shut since they are only designed for the sole purpose of allowing light in and providing expansive views. The only difference between a picture and a fixed window is the size of the frames.

4. Picture Windows

A picture window is an expansive one-pane glass window that is usually mounted, overlooking a breathtaking view. They do not open. Due to their slimness, their glass surface is increased by over fifty percent compared to that of a fixed window. They also allow in more natural light than a fixed window. A picture window can either be independently mounted or mounted together with another window type.

5. Double Slider Windows

These window types are very popular due to the fact that they are extremely energy-efficient.

Sliding windows are usually mounted in areas that are wider but short in height. They are opened sideways by sliding one pane over the other. These windows can be contrasted to casement windows, which are mounted in openings that are taller than they are wide and open outwardly.

6. Single Slider Windows

These are ideal for wide-open areas with expansive views of the world outside. They slide effortlessly and smoothly and can provide the perfect access to your patio, veranda, or walkway. They are energy-efficient and can also weather the elements for a very long time.

7. Double Hung Windows

This type of window features a double operating sash that can be pushed up or down to allow ventilation above or below the window, or both at the top and the bottom of the window. Since the double hung window sashes do not open outwardly or inwardly, they are perfect for rooms facing porches, decks, or walkways.

8. Single Hung Windows

Unlike double hung windows, single hung windows open from a lower sash to let in air. Since the sash does not open outward, they are highly recommended for walkways, decks, and porches.

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