8 Perks Of Being The Mascot Of A Sports Team

Everyone can get their own custom mascots these days, whether they want to design their own mascot costume, of they want to rely on professionals to do it for them.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be the mascot of a sports team? Here are 8 things that can be great about it.

1. You get to wear a unique costume

Whether you become the mascot of a high school sports team, or the mascot of a much bigger team, you will have the honor of wearing a very unique costume. Mascot costumes don’t have to be heavy and uncomfortable: custom mascots come in many sizes and styles.

2. You can watch games for free

As the mascot of a sports team, you get to watch all of their games for free. In fact, you might even get paid to watch games! Of course, you have a mascot job to do and you can’t just sit down and enjoy the game, but you are there, and you are part of the action.

3. You can become friends with the players in the team

You will also spend a lot of time hanging out with the whole team, and making a lot of new friends.  You will also get the chance to meet other mascots, and players from other teams.

4. You can spend time with cheerleaders

Yes, sports team mascots also get to hang out with beautiful cheerleaders. If you like cheerleaders, becoming a mascot should make it possible for you to make a lot of nice cheerleader friends.

5. You can express your personality in a unique way

When you wear your mascot costume, you will be encouraged to dance, jump around, and have a funny, larger than life personality. Even if you are a shy person, simply wearing a mascot costume could encourage you to express yourself and have fun.

6. You are allowed to do a lot of silly things

As a sports mascot, you are allowed to do a lot of silly things that normal people can’t do. You can randomly hug anyone you see, pretend to fall for no reason, laugh at the opposite team, and even shake your mascot butt in someone’s face.

7. You get to spend a lot of time in the spotlight

Mascots get to spend a lot of time in the spotlight. Of course, people are not watching the game just to see you, but they will see you since you will be a big part of the action. Many people will want to take a picture with you, and your mascot face will be seen on many promotional items.

8. Everyone loves you

Finally, being a sports team mascot is great because everyone loves mascots. Children and their parents will cheer for you and want to take pictures with you, and the players in your team will appreciate the fact that you are there to keep their fans entertained.

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