9 Promotional Methods to Raise Your Company’s Brand Awareness

Creating a strong brand is crucial to the success of any business. Brand awareness is what makes your product stand out and appear more favourable over the competition. Many businesses spend a lot of time and money on increasing brand awareness and there are many ways this can be done, including advertising campaigns, social media, and consistent customer service. Another important way is using promotional products.

Here are a few of the ways promotional products can improve your brand awareness.

1. Cost Effective

Companies often spend a lot of money trying to boost brand awareness; however, with promotional products, it has been said that they provide the highest rate of return on the investment, meaning that they are a low-cost tactic but create great results.

2. Engaging Senses

Promotional products are the only type of advertising that reach out into the market and engage all five senses of the potential customers. A simple message and name logo on the products can create long-lasting impressions as the information travels around the public domain.

3. Freebies!

Customers love nothing more than getting something for free. Whether it is stationary, a magnet or a keyring, the customer will be happy to take one and use it, meaning that your business name is etched into the forefront of their minds. Anybody they come into contact with will also see it. By having a memorable logo on a great promotional product, customers will remember your business name and be able to recall your brand easily.

4. Anything Goes

There is no limit to what can be used as a promotional product. It could be anything you can think of. There are endless possibilities, which is excellent as no business is excluded due to budgeting or other restrictions. Even the smallest and cheapest items will be used and remembered.

5. Lasting Memory

It has been said that a free promotional item is often kept and used by the consumer for an average of four years, which means your initial small investment in the product is very much worth it. It provides you with marketing and brand awareness for many years to come.

6. Familiarity

When your brand or logo becomes a normal sight for a consumer, they become familiar with your business. This creates trust and recognition, and it also adds a favourable impression for a long time after receiving the merchandise. Keeping the image at the forefront of the consumer’s mind increases the chance of them using your products or services in the years to come.

7. Contact Details

Getting your contact details out there is how you generate enquiries, which eventually turns browsers into buyers. It is simple yet effective to add your email address, website, or phone number on the promotional products to ensure that consumers have no trouble getting in touch with you if they need to.

8. Complement Marketing Campaigns

As well as advertising and marketing your products and services, promotional products can give you that step ahead of the competition by giving the customer a souvenir of what you have demonstrated to them through other advertising campaigns.

9. Differentiation

Your brand is your promise to your consumers and lets them know what they can expect from your products and services. Giving them something free—something of good quality that can be kept and used—differentiates you from your competitors.

Even low-cost promotional products can be custom made to really show the true differences your business has to offer.

Promotional products are said to be one of the most effective tactics available to businesses for the purpose of advertising and creating brand awareness. They have a high recall and help with customer retention. It would be a worthwhile investment for any business who wants to generate more sales with a low-cost marketing method.

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