9 Steps to Pick the Best Living Room Furniture

Did you just move into your first apartment, or first home? Are you simply in the mood for updating the look of your living room? No matter what your situation is, you need to realize that choosing the right living room furniture is not as easy as it sounds. These 9 tips will help you do it right.

1. Think about the purpose of your living room

Start by thinking about how you will be using your living room. If you have young children, you will need sturdy furniture with stain-resistant fabrics. If you live alone and only have friends visiting you once in awhile, you can choose more delicate pieces of furniture.

2. Measure your living room

Use a tape measure to measure the length and width of your living room, so you will have a better idea of how many pieces of furniture you can add in it. Don’t forget to note the position of your doors and windows.

3. Don’t forget to measure your doorways

You don’t want to make the mistake of buying living room furniture that is too large to enter your home. To make sure that doesn’t happen, don’t forget to measure how high and wide your doorways are.

4. Draw a plan of your living room

Now that you have all the measurements you need, draw a little plan of your living room space. It’s easier to do this on grid paper, but you can use any sheet of paper you have. Make sure you draw your windows and doors where they should be.

5. Design your dream living room

Most living rooms contain at least a sofa or a loveseat, an armchair, a side table and a coffee table. Draw these basics on your living room plan, or make little furniture cut-outs and try different layouts until you find your favourite one.

6. Look up different styles

Are you interested in modern furniture, or would you prefer something more traditional? Do you have a particular colour in mind? Look up pictures of living rooms online, or visit furniture stores to have a better idea of the style you want.

7. Start shopping

As you shop for your living room furniture, keep in mind that it’s worth paying more for quality pieces that will last you for many years. Think of it as a good investment for your home.

8. Coordinate your pieces of furniture

When you have found one piece of living room furniture that you love, try to coordinate your other pieces with it. Your living room furniture pieces don’t need to all have the exact same style, but they should complement each other.

9. Make your dream come true

Now that you have your new living room furniture, it’s time to put it in place to reproduce your favourite layout. Once this is done, figure out if it works well, and if you would like to buy some additional pieces.

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