About Us

STORY: The Magazine is a digital lifestyle magazine (webzine) managed by a dedicated team of writers. Our staff editors all come from an investigative journalism background with years of experience researching stories. As a lifestyle magazine, we cover a wide range of interesting topics, from simple life hacks to comprehensive business guides. Here at STORY: The Magazine, we write about stories that matter to us.

Our Staff

Juliet Bennett

Founder & Head Editor

Small-town Vancouverite girl now living and working in the heart of the city. I used to work in print publishing until I developed a passion for the world of digital media.

Leon Drake

Staff Editor

Leon is our resident goofball and has a habit of telling really cheesy jokes. His credentials include interning for a men’s fashion magazine and screenwriting for a sitcom pilot.

Amber Yee

Staff Writer

Our newest addition to the STORY team is a bubbly journalism student fresh out of grad school. She was the senior editor of her college newsletter.